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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-06 08:13:00

The National Wrestling Alliance held their first Pop Up show last night in Clarksville, TN, titled New Year's Clash.  The event featured the following results:

*Max Stardom defeated Jeremiah Plunkett.

*The War Kings defeated Jay Bradley & Caleb Konley in order to qualify for the Crockett Cup.

*Crazzy Steve pinned Samuel Shaw to win the Tried N' True (TNT) Pro Championship.  This is the promotion operated by former Impact Wrestling star Crimson, which provided assistance to the NWA for this event.

*Allie defeated NWA Women's Champion Jazz by DQ.

*David Arquette and mystery partner Tim Storm defeated Jocephis and his spiritual advisor in a hair vs. hair match, leading to Jocephus having his head shaved.  The angle with Arquette led to the promotion getting some attention on TMZ yesterday:

*NWA National Champion Willie Mack defeated Matt Cross.

*NWA Champion Nick Aldis defeated James Storm.

Notes: NWA Billy Corgan was in attendance and did local media leading up to the event...The show was said to have drawn in the 700-plus range....The show was filmed for inclusion in future episodes of the company's Ten Pounds of Gold digital series...Aldis will defend the NWA title against PJ Black at the 1/12 ROH TV taping in Atlanta, GA....Obviously, the promotion is building to the Crockett Cup on 4/27 as their next big cornerstone event.

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