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By Dave Scherer on 2019-01-07 10:00:00

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What are the chances that USA drops WWE and they are forced to go back to making their money at house shows and by PPVs?

Almost nil, at least for the next almost six years.  They have a contract with USA until 2024 so they aren’t going anywhere.  If they can’t get a new deal then, we will see what happens but I don’t see that being an issue right now.  Content that generates an audience is in demand and with the fragmentation of how TV is watched only continuing in the future, that audience is attractive to networks.  Plus, Raw has been a part of USA’s programming strategy for a long time.  They like being the top ranked cable network and Raw helps them do that by delivering a steady audience every week.

Do you think AJ Styles vs Undertaker is possible at Wrestlemania 35?

Anything is possible but I don't see that one happening.  I don’t see a good path to get to that match.  

Will the talents that signed with AEW still work for NJPW?

Matt Jackson stated on Twitter that he won’t be at the MSG show in April, working for New Japan.  It is my understanding that the guys that signed with AEW are exclusive to that promotion.  Down the line, maybe a deal could be put in place with New Japan but as of right now, I have not heard of any deal between the parties.

I have a wondering about wrestlers who are vegan/vegetarian. Two names come to mind Daniel Bryan and Alexa Bliss and both have suffered issues with concussion. Is this a co-incidence or could it be related to a lack of meat in their diet? 

I am no doctor but I know of no connection between those two things and I don’t see how there would be a connection.  Plus, Vegans do ingest protein.

Could you explain the difference between a foreign object and an international object? Has any intercontinental objects ever been used besides a belt? Why not start the year off on the light side! 

Foreign objects are down to earth and don’t care about sounding special.  International objects are divas with attitude issues.

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