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By Mike Johnson on 2019-01-04 10:00:00

Some time ago, there was talk about a documentary on Florida Wrestling coming out from  Whatever happened to it?

We are told they just need to put some finishing touches on it, but there is no official release date yet announced for the film.

I see Funaki on WWE TV when they show announcers, but whatever happened to TAKA Michinoku?

TAKA is still wrestling and appears regularly in Japan and appeared this morning at the Wrestle Kingdom event.  He trains talent and has his own promotion as well.  He hasn't been to the United States in some time but last year noted he was considering doing some appearances outside of Japan for the first time in years.

With New Japan announced the Tokyo Dome will expand to two dates, do you ever see WWE doing the same for Wrestlemania?

Never say never.  I would personally prefer that they don't do that, but would two dates be any differen

t than the show running eight hours on one day?  Not really.  I have never heard this has even been a consideration but with a company that has so many talents, brands and titles, you never know.  A few years ago, the idea of a Cruiser division, Women's Tag Titles, etc, all seemed like fantasy.  It's entirely possible something could happen but I don't believe a move like that is even close to a reality

In your most recent Madison Square Garden report, you said you wanted to wish Howard Finkel well - why?

Finkel has disappeared from public appearances and last year, Jerry Lawler noted he had been very ill.  While there's no confirmation officially, I wanted to make a note of someone who, to me, was one of the definitive voices when it came to ring announcing (and to me, is probably the best ever).  I usually comment that I wish Finkel was ring announcing MSG, because to me, some things should always be tradition, but this time, I just wanted to wish him well, and I still do.  

I've decided to start reading some wrestling books.  Where should I start?

I think you should start with the one that launched the craze back in 1999 - Mick Foley's original autobiography.  Everything that has followed comes from that book.  I'd also suggest the Ric Flair autobiography, Bret Hart's autobiography, any of the books published by Crowbar Press, and if you really love history, anything by Jim Cornette or Tim Hornbaker.  Of the more recent books, I really enjoyed the Jim Ross, AJ Lee, Bob Holly and Daniel Bryan books as well.  There are SO many now and those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head, but if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.


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