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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-30 11:19:00

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After watching the farewell speech from the ELITE in ROH. I noticed Matt saying they would be back in New York soon. I took that as a hint a possible WrestleMania surprise debut. What are the chances of that?

The chances are almost zero that is what he meant.  I would actually say zero but I always allow for the unrealistic and unbelievable to happen.

Is Mae Young the oldest on record to take a powerbomb?

I can’t think of anyone older that has taken one.

Who do you think was the most undeserving champion in wrestling history?

It comes down to Vince Russo and David Arquette but I will go with Russo since he was the one in control and put the World Title on himself in his hometown.  Arquette was given the belt and a case could be made that the company got some mainstream press out of it.  In Russo’s case, he chose to crown himself in one of, in my opinion, worst moments in wrestling history for no good reason other than he wanted to do it and he could.  There is no world where that man should have ever been WCW Champion.  I know he would give excuses why it was a good move but the numbers and subsequent death of WCW tell the real story.

Could WWE ever go back to the big 4 format for PPVs and that way they would have more time to build long term storylines and plan intelligent finishes instead of having never ending feuds that go nowhere and/or stop and restart again after a small break?

Honestly, the PPVs aren’t really the issue.  It’s the fact that the need to do five hours of first run TV every week.  TV is the priority and will be even more so when the new deals kick in come October.  Plus, having  monthly PPV is a good way to keep people subscribed to the Network so I don’t see them going back to the Big Four again.

As we keep hearing WWE’s main source of income is the TV deals. With that being said, wouldn’t they make more money from trying to sell, say 12 PPV’s (or special events as they would have to be called) including Wrestlemania to a TV network instead of keeping them on the WWE Network?

It would all depend on what someone is willing to pay them for the shows.  If there was a good offer from a TV network, they would probably consider it.  They know what they make on the shows via the Network so it would take a really good offer to get them to move them as taking those events off of the WWE Network would cost them a lot of subscribers.

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