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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-31 10:00:00

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With wrestling sort of at an all time low in viewership, do you think the Elite and Tony Khan will get a cable network partner that would be willing to roll the dice on AEW?

To me, the question is can they get a GOOD partner to air their show.  Impact will be on a new network soon.  It’s not a good thing for them financially.  They were better off on Pop, and before that Destination America and before that Spike.  The key is for them to get a GOOD deal.  I don’t think that happens right out of the box.  Programmers look for shows that have a good chance of success.  When you add in that many won’t touch wrestling, it gets harder.  The new promotion will have to show that it has some attractiveness and staying power to get a good TV deal.  That could happen down the road but probably won’t happen in the early stages.

I haven't been able to watch Impact in a few years due to the networks they've been on.  Pursuit will be no different.  This got me wondering about something.  Is there any reason why they couldn't do  a deal with one of the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime)?  Netflix in particular buys loads of content and has a critically acclaimed show (Glow) based on wrestling.  They could release  a weekly episode of Impact just like a regular network.

There is one very big reason: None of those networks has offered them a deal!  If they did, I think Impact would take it in a second.

Pretty much everyone that gets signed to WWE and goes through NXT does well but once they get called up to the main roster it’s a gamble and more often than not they end up in mid-card Hell and tend to stay there for the rest of their WWE careers. My question is why does WWE continue to have NXT and have a state of the art training facility with incredible trainers  if they aren't going to elevate any of the talent?

Look at the WWE roster.  It’s mostly people that came up through the system now.  The purpose of NXT is to prepare talents for their time in WWE.  It’s not NXT or the talents’ fault that they are booked poorly once they get there.  In fact, you could make the argument that NXT is even more important now since the WWE Creative team churns through talent so quickly.

Do you feel like they wasted a great chance to use Brock Lesnar to put over Drew Mcintyre? If they kept him undefeated had him win the rumble and face Lesnar as this undefeated monster who in a perfect world destroyed Balor Ziggler and everyone in his path. Instead they had him lose to Ziggler in a meaningless match on raw then lose to Balor and I don’t care if he was protected in his loss he still lost it’s just so stupid it’s Like Vince likes throwing money away.

I couldn’t agree more.  Sadly, Drew isn’t the only one WWE has done that too.  Brock could have given the rub to a few guys but Vince has chosen to book him as the dominant monster.  Even when Roman finally beat him, it wasn’t decisive at all.  Then when Roman got sick, Vince went right back to Brock instead of elevating someone else.  When he wonders why people aren’t watching Raw the way that they used to, there’s his answer.  It’s the sameness of the product.

Knowing that it's pretty much a guarantee that Ronda Rousey holds onto the championship until at least Wrestlemania, especially given the dominant way she has been booked, does it take anything away from her matches knowing she won't lose?

Not to me.  I am enjoying watching her grow as a talent.  She hasn’t been undefeated all that long so it hasn’t gotten stale to me.

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