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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-30 10:00:00

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Do you see the main event of Wrestlemania being Brock Lesnar vs Shane McMahon?   With everything Shane has been booked to do in the past couple years, he might be the only one in WWE who could believably take Brock.

You are correct.  Super Shane is the baddest man on the planet, so I could see it happening.  I hope it doesn’t, but it could.  I would want to pour battery acid in my eyes, but I could see it.  Right now, if it’s not Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey headlining the show, they had BETTER have some good stuff up their sleeves.

I hear people speaking of Tweener about Becky Lynch, or Asuka in the past. Are they "tweeners"? Because I have always understood the tweeners like a transition from the face status to the heel status, or the other way around. Am I wrong and it's correct to consider Becky Lynch a Tweener of I'm right and the tweener is limited period in a Turn?

It used to be that a tweeter was a talent who you could pretty much tell was turning from one side to the other, usually a heel that people wanted to cheer for.  Now?  Tweeners are usually a disconnect by WWE creative.  Rusev and Becky are great examples.  The fans love them but WWE creative misses out on the memo and they book them in a way that the audience doesn’t want to see.

I saw the question today about Pro Wrestling This Week. I used to love that show. It was the first time I ever saw Owen Hart wrestle and it provided a great look at the wrestling scene outside of the WWE. Shouldn’t a show like this exist today? It would really help promotions like Impact, MLW, New Japan and ROH reach a bigger audience if shown on the proper network. I can’t see why those promotions and other Indy promotions would  not want to participate. Thoughts?

Honestly?  I don’t think it’s needed.  ROH has Honor Club.  New Japan has their streaming service.  MLW has a TV deal.  Any indy can use YouTube.  Unless a network wanted to pay to put the show on the air (which I don’t see being the case) I don’t see a need for it.

Even though he's never wrestled for WWE, Do you see Kenta Kobashi getting inducted into the WWE hall of fame anytime soon?

He is worthy, for sure.  Kobashi is one of the greatest wrestlers I ever saw work.  Will he get into the WWE Hall soon?  I would guess no since there are so many other people they could induct first.  But again, he’s definitely worthy.

Why are RAW announcers saying Gran Metalik’s name incorrectly? They say Gran Me-ta-lik instead of pronouncing similar like Metallic. 

I am fairly sure it’s because that would be the Spanish pronunciation, much like Asuka is pronounced AH-SKA.  Even if it weren’t, the name is whatever WWE says it is.

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