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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-28 10:00:00

Has there been any update on a Jason Jordan return?

We reported earlier this month he was in Birmingham, Alabama to get his neck evaluated but beyond that, there’s been no clear-cut word that he’s any closer to returning to the ring following his February 2018 neck surgery.  Jordan has been working as a producer for the Monday Night Raw brand while he waits to see if and when he is cleared to return as a performer.

With WWE removing her role as GM, what’s next for Paige?

That remains to be seen.   We are told that she is not on the road for the company this week.  My guess is they will focus on her helping to promote “Fighting with My Family” and go from there.  There’s a lot of roles she could fill for the company.

Given there’s been no sign of trouble for Tammy Sytch, would you say that’s a good sign?

Tammy has been making some signing appearances and all indications we’ve heard are that she’s looked healthy and in good spirits.  I hope that continues and she finds and achieves what her goals will be going forward.   She’s had some troubling things happen in the past few years, but she dealt with it and served her time and is moving on and she deserves every chance to do so.  I wish her well.

A few years ago, CHIKARA shut down.  That was indeed a work right?

It was a genuinely auspicious and insane piece of fiction that some fans legitimately bought into that led to some fans moving on from the company, but it was indeed a work.  There had been rumblings in some circles that they were going to shut down as an angle a few months before it happened, but I always discarded the idea because it seemed too “out there” even for CHIKARA, which does a lot of overly creative and out there concepts.  CHIKARA eventually returned from its splintered fragments and still runs regularly, mostly in Philadelphia.

Is Mike Quackenbush working for WWE now?

Quackenbush has been brought in several times as a Guest Coach for the WWE Performance Center.  We have heard that WWE would love to have him on board regularly but thus far, it hasn’t happened.  He is not an official employee as of this writing and is still running CHIKARA full-time.

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