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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-27 10:00:00

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I am watching old episodes of Pro Wrestling This Week and on some of the episodes, there are WWF segments with interviews that were shot specifically for this show.  Why was WWE working with a show they had zero ownership of in the 1980s?

I asked around and was told by someone who worked for the company during this time period that they worked with Joe Pedicino's show as he had an in for the local station in Atlanta at the time and WWF wanted to get that market and station cleared, so the call was made to work with the series to get the clearance. 

Are the NXT talents working the entire Holiday tour for WWE this week?

I believe they are only booked for the Madison Square Garden show to give that show something extra.

Seriously, who gets Pursuit HD?

I actually do.  The channel has a clearance of about 30 million or so.

Do you think WWE will acknowledge The Glamour Girls vs. The Jumping Bomb Angels now that they are bringing back Women's Tag titles?

I think they should, because I always think using history is a good way to help put over the importance of the titles, but they don't have to do so.  They might want a clean slate and not push that they had titles that were really only pushed for about a year before being long forgotten.   It really would be nice to see them put over the JBA vs. the GG feud over.

Any word on the return of Fandango?

He's been at the WWE Performance Center of late, which is usually a sign he's in the latter end of his rehab to return.  It should be within a few months, if not sooner.

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