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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-26 10:00:00

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Considering the major demographic WWE markets to is 18-35 year old males, why in the world do they now have Lashley posing by bending over and having the camera zoom in directly on his rear end?

This is the first time a question has left me speechless.  I got nothing.

With the McMahon's announcements on the 12/17 Raw, do you think they should have a more logical way to do call-ups from NXT?  Like a lot of what they do it often doesn't make sense.  

I do, yes.  I don’t mind them doing the “he’s coming” stuff like they did with Lars Sullivan.  That at least has some thought involved.  The mass call ups are just lazy for me and I think it hurts the talents to be called up en masse.  It’s too many people to get over at once and it makes it hard for someone to make an impact when they debut.

Do you think it's hard to take the AOP seriously when they are paired with Drake Maverick?  I get that they need a mouthpiece, but his goofy antics almost always overshadows the fact that AOP is supposed to be a tough, monster team.  Furthermore, the fact that storyline-wise they gave up hall of fame manager Paul Ellering and replaced him with Drake makes it even harder to look at them as a top team.

Like I said above, mass debuts don’t leave a mark.  And in AOP’s case, they really did them no favors.  They are two big, tough guys and they are put with a guy who pees himself.  It’s ridiculous and doesn’t help them at all.

It's getting increasingly difficult to listen to Renee Young commentate Dean Ambrose's matches.  I get that she is a face announcer, but why in the world would she not want to stand by her husband's actions?  And why has she been instructed to commentate his matches to seem as if she is not his wife, or play ignorant when Corey Graves asks her for her thoughts?  Given all the difficulties associated with her calling Dean's matches, how would you resolve this issue?  By bringing in a substitute announcer to replace her during his matches?

They definitely need to do something because it’s not working now.  It was painful to listen to the match at TLC (and it didn’t help that the match itself didn’t click).  If they can’t just have her say a few times that she is a professional and I will call this like I call every other match, it may not be a bad idea to have her recuse herself from his matches.  But if it’s me, I just tighten up how they have her call her husband’s work.

Why Mustafa Ali? Nothing against the guy at all, but why was it decided to move him to Smackdown out of everybody?

Why not?  He can work.  He is diligent.  He’s something different and he fits in with the brand.  I like it.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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