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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-25 10:00:00

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Is there anyone in the wrestling business that you actually hate?

Hate?  Like full on hate?  Nah, I can’t think of anyone.  Even Vince Russo, for all of the stuff he tries to pull on us (which we ignore and will continue to ignore Vince because it’s childish), I don’t hate him.  Pity him?  Sure.  Hate him?  Nah, that is a waste of time and emotion.

I noticed a lot of Impact talent on Twitter haven’t retweeted the news of the Pursuit channel announcement. What have you been hearing from talent regarding the new network? 

They know what the rest of us know, it’s not a step up.  It’s not a great move.  It’s a backward move to broadcast home that has less penetration than their current home has.  There’s nothing for them to be excited about.

Pretty amazing how Vince McMahon can make wanting to protect the environment a heel gimmick, no?

I love it.  And it’s Bryan who is doing it.  One thing I love about wrestling is when someone can sell something outrageous and make it work.  Kudos to them for getting it done.

It's probably way too early to make a judgment, but with all the fanfare regarding Vince's big "reset" promo on Raw, do you think they'll actually follow through long-term? I mean, literally the first consequence of this "new direction" was to plaster the McMahon family all over the product, which feels no different from the last twenty years. I personally didn't see any sweeping changes in content or presentation when they did the new brand split in 2016, or the various Superstar Shake-Ups. It always seems to go back to the old ways sooner or later. Is there reason to believe things will be different now, especially with the Fox deal?

Here’s my take.  First off, they have to prove to me that they are serious.  I have heard the same rap before from them.  So I am at the point where they need to prove to me that they are serious and it will take a few months to find out if they are serious or not.  We can’t tell by two weeks of TV, especially with the second one being taped.  So I will take a wait and see attitude.  We will have a much better idea why the time the Rumble’s over.  Is there a reason to believe they will change?  Well, their audience was eroding quickly and USA does not like that, so there’s a chance.

I was watching a random episode of WCW Thunder when Chris Jericho came out. Oddly Break Down the Walls played as he made his entrance. I presume this was overdubbed, but why, I thought he had a fairly generic theme in WCW and WWE would now have the rights too?

When WWE does that it almost always means that they don’t have the rights to the music in question.  It almost always means that the music in question was signed for limited use or a short term.  WWE sees no reason to spend money to play that music so they dub in their own.

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