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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-24 10:00:00

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What are the chances that we will ever see an Ultimate X match, or a version of it, in WWE or NXT?

I would put them at very low.  It is a brand specific match since it was all about the X Division and the X Division Title.  And it’s not like War Games, which was a classic from years gone by.  I guess it would be possible down the line perhaps, but right now?  I don’t see many ways that it would happen.

We have not seen a 60-minute iron man match in WWE in many years.  If they were to do one, who are the two wrestlers you would put in the match in order to best showcase this type of long match to today's audience?

I wouldn’t.  Today’s audiences have a very short attention span.  A sixty minute investment in one match just isn’t in the cards.  They had Seth Rollins do a 30 minute match in the summer and it didn’t draw well so I don’t see them doubling up and doing an hour.  With all of the options that viewers have, they have to be cognizant of that.

As I recall, Ronda Rousey signed a 2 year contract beginning at the last Royal Rumble, meaning she has about 1 year remaining on that contract.  We just saw Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir have their first match on NXT, and frankly we didn't see that much from them.  Assuming we will get the inevitable WWE Horsewomen vs. MMA Horsewomen match at some point before Ronda's contract expires, do you think Marina and Jessamyn, who would be the 2 clear liabilities in-ring wise in that match, will be ready for a match of that caliber if it happened within the next year?  Or do you think the hope is that they will be hidden and protected enough to get by, seeing as there are 6 other highly accomplished women in that match?

She has said publicly that she signed a deal with a set timeline so that she could have kids.  Jerry Lawler said it was for a year.  But Ronda has also said that she has really enjoyed her time and is open to doing more with WWE.  As for your question, I totally disagree with your assumption.  I believe that if those women are put into a match, Triple H and his team in NXT will have them ready.  The same people that think they will be a liability are probably the same people that said that Ronda wouldn’t be a good wrestler.  They were wrong.

Would you agree that Ronda Rousey has already surpassed Ken Shamrock, who was solid in the ring and is a former Intercontinental and NWA champion, as the most successful UFC/MMA fighter in history to cross over to the WWE?

If the metric is outside buzz created?  Absolutely.  I won’t comment on a work comparison because I don’t want to minimize anyone.  I will just say that Ronda’s progress has been amazing and she has been nothing short of fantastic in the ring since her debut.

Is Dave Meltzer the lying hack that Bischoff, Prichard, and Schiavone portray him as on their podcasts with Conrad Thompson? 

First, I don’t listen to the podcasts so I don’t know what they have to say about him.  What I know of Dave is that he works hard and does his best to track down stories, just like us.  I think a lot of it has to do with wording.  If three people tell us something and we can’t slam dunk confirm it, we reported it as “sources are telling us” or the “word we are getting is”.  Dave tends to report it as absolute fact.  Much of the time it is.  But when it isn’t, the people involved take offense to it.  That is probably what has happened here.  If we get 99 stories right about those guys and we get one wrong (and don’t retract it) that is what they will remember.  I understand that.

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