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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-24 10:00:00

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First off, Merry Christmas everyone!  I wish you all the best.  You have my deepest appreciation for supporting the work we do here at the site.  Thank you!

Have you ever suspected an actual Pro wrestler writing into your "Q and A" to give themselves a push?

To the Q and A?  No.  But I have received many emails from “anonymous” sources that clearly came from a worker with an agenda.  I can always tell because I get part, but not all, of the story from them.

Regarding this latest ‘fresh start’ for WWE, is this going to be the equivalent of slapping a ‘New & improved!’ sticker on a product, when in reality the product is pretty much the same? Yeah they can call up a few new faces, do a token title change, etc...but are the McMahons not going to make themselves the focal point of the shows, are they going to stop scripting what the performers say word for word, are they going to make titles mean something, are they going to cut Raw & PPV’s to a reasonable length of time?  If the answer to all these questions is ‘No’, what really is changing?

All of that, other than cutting the third hour of Raw, is to be determined.  There are three hours because that is what USA wants and pays for, so that won’t change.  The other things you questioned?  I can’t say at this time.  I hope they realize the mistakes that they have made but until I actually see them make changes, I will take a wait and see approach.  Since tonight is taped, we should get a better idea with next week’s Raw.

As a result of scoring a pinfall victory over Daniel Bryan this past Tuesday, does this mean that Mustafa Ali will challenge him for the WWE Title?

It should mean that but it could also be that WWE did it as a way of elevating Ali to the main roster.  It probably should only mean that.  If he got a Title shot and lost, it would probably hurt him.  He is better off being the guy that pinned Bryan and taking his push from there.

Does former New Japan star Masahiro Chono still wrestle? He had a pretty good run in WCW back in the nWo days & I even Remember seeing him on one of those TNA/NJPW events a few years back.

He is 55 years old now and hasn’t wrestled since 2014.  He is as retired as any mid-fifty year old wrestler can be.   He was a really great worker in his day.

Do you see the WWE holding a PPV at Seattle's new arena even though Seattle isn't a top wrestling market compared to the likes of NYC, LA, Chicago or St. Louis?

I expect WWE will explore doing some kind of TV there, yes.  They love new buildings, and rightfully so.  Those four markets don’t get all of the company’s events!  There are plenty of shows to go around.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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