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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-20 18:01:00

BJ Whitmer, who had been with Ring of Honor off and on dating back to 2003 tendered his resignation with the company today, has learned.  Whitmer was in the ROH office earlier today and resigned at the end of the day. 

Whitmer had been working behind the scenes full-time for the promotion out of their office in Baltimore, working on travel and production aspects of the company.  Whitmer also worked as a trainer for the ROH Dojo and on-screen at times as a color commentator for the promotion.

Whitmer sent an email to the ROH roster this evening, announcing his departure.  In the email, which several talents forwarded onto, the former ROH Tag Team Champion stated that his decision to leave had been "brewing since September" when he felt he was "treated with utter disrespect" by company management.  In asking around this evening, we are told that Whitmer had been invited to come to the WWE Performance Center to work as a Guest Coach and was going to accept the invitation but Ring of Honor stepped in and Whitmer eventually declined the invitation.  That appears to have been the issue on Whitmer's end.

Whitmer, 40, was backstage working on production at the Final Battle PPV in New York City and the post-PPV TV Taping in Philadelphia, PA last weekend.

In his email to the roster, Whitmer stated he was done with Ring of Honor effective immediately, writing, "In leaving ROH, I want to say thank you and it’s been a pleasure working with all of you. I wish everyone nothing but the best and I’m certain I’ll cross paths with most of you again. "

Whitmer's wife, Kelly Klein, captured the Women of Honor Championship at the Final Battle PPV last week.  She had been expected to sign with the promotion. reached out to Ring of Honor for comment but was told that the company was declining to comment at this time.


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