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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-20 10:00:00

It has been speculated that Ric Flair has been cleared to return and might don the tights and wrestle again. Would that surprise you if he did at his age? Did the legendary Lou Thez wrestle in his 70's?

Flair returning would shock me given all his health issues, but if he's been legitimately cleared by a doctor and wants to do it, no one is going to stop him.  He's not signed to anything with WWE that would prevent it.  Flair never really wanted to retire in the first place, so if a promoter was willing to pay him what he wanted, I can see him trying to do it, but I personally hope that never happens.  His legacy is evergreen, but he's getting older and should enjoy his life.  Getting hurt and trying to rebound at his age is not wise.  He's the best wrestler of all time, but that doesn't mean he should be a wrestler in 2019.

Lou Thesz' last match, however, was wrestled at the age of 74 in Japan against Masahiro Chono in December 1990.  Ric is currently 69 years old.

Why is it that Toots Mondt isn't in the WWE Hall of Fame?  From what I've read, Mondt is just as important to the evolution of Capitol into the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

Mondt was added via the Hall of Fame's Legacy wing in 2017, the first year that Wing was added to the company's Hall of Fame.

Why doesn't WWE recognize the WCW Hall of Famers?

I've often felt it would make sense to absorb that but WWE never did.  My guess is they just wanted to recognize their own Hall.  Prior to the WWE Network existing, there was no real need to promote or keep the memory of WCW alive beyond DVD sales, so it was lost in the cracks and never found again.

I have a question about Savio Vega's WWF character Kwang after watching some old Raws on the WWE Network.  Was this character supposed to be Savio's take off on The Great Muta? He did the green mist, his entrance attire was pretty similar, and he also had the tips of his right middle and index fingers taped up like Muta. I know during a Japan tour, when he was TNT, he worked with Muta, and wondered if he took aspects of the character when he became Kwang.

It's quite possible, but since Muta was a takeoff of the Great Kabuki, they were all pretty much doing a take-off of Kabuki.

How long was Yokozuna in the WWF before headlining Wrestlemania?

Yokozuna officially debuted on television in October 1992.  He headlined Wrestlemania IX in March 1993 against Bret Hart and repeated the feat the following year at Wrestlemania X.

I'm wondering if you could shed some light on this for me...I got into wrestling back in the late '90s because of the black and white Sting. I know the story somewhat as to what led to him becoming the "Crow Sting", but what I'm not sure about is if the entire hiatus/gimmick change was a work, or if he truly was offended and left WCW, but later agreed to return, and the resulting storyline and gimmick change was created, playing off of how he left the company.

The Sting situation was a complete storyline and he never left WCW until the day WWE purchased it.  The new look was suggested by Scott Hall and it was all done as a way to build up the suspense and intrigue of Sting returning to save World Championship Wrestling from the NWO. From a weekly storyline standpoint, it was awesome and one of the best things WCW ever did. Sadly, the climax of it at Starrcade '97 was a flop but that doesn't erase that the entire build worked extremely well until that night.

What is former Tough Enough participant/lady wrestler Taylor Matheny doing these days? 

Matheny is out of the business, beyond being married to Brian Kendrick.  She made a cameo a few years back on Total Divas.

 I seem to remember a documentary about Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar, including Angle pretty much going into shock after their match at Wrestlemania IX.  I can't seem to find it but remember watching it at a friend's house.  Am I losing it?

No, the documentary was included as an extra on the Wrestlemania 20 DVD release, titled "The Mania Of WrestleMania."  I am really surprised WWE hasn't ever popped that one up on the WWE Network.  It's been pretty much forgotten, despite it being an excellent documentary.



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