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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-19 09:15:00

After this past weekend’s TV tapings, WWE is off the road until the 12/26 Madison Square Garden Raw live event, continuing the company’s post-Christmas tradition of running that venue, which goes back decades.  Smackdown kicks off their own post-Christmas tour that night in Chicago.

WWE will tape the New Year’s Eve edition of Monday Night Raw on 12/28 in Detroit, Michigan and the New Year’s Day edition of Smackdown on 12/29 in Pittsburgh, PA.  If anyone is planning to attend either taping next week, we are looking for reports.  We have spoilers and match listings for next week's Christmas Eve Raw and Christmas night Smackdown on the main page of the site.

For those who have asked about Bray Wyatt’s status with the company after he made some cryptic social media posts, we have been told he is scheduled for the post-Christmas Raw live events.  Since John Cena doesn’t have an announced opponent, it’s possible those two will end up wrestling each other.  Wyatt (then the WWE Champion) pinned Cena in March 2017 in MSG, marking the first time Cena had been defeated in the venue since 2003, so if they go that route, while it will never get played up, there is some history there.

There are plans to shoot segments with R-Truith and Carmella at WWE HQ playing off their Mixed Match Challenge win when they are in the Northeast for live events after Christmas.

To answer a question that we have received a lot lately, there are plans to bring back the Something Else to Wrestle With show with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to the WWE Network next year, with a few tweaks.  They are currently looking at the Spring of 2019, likely after Wrestlemania 35 season is over.

Jason Jordan is still working as a producer for the company.  He and Tyson Kidd put together the women’s gauntlet match on Raw.  Michael Hayes was the producer of record for the McMahon family segment.

TAKA Michinoku is, for the first time in years, looking to take potential American and European bookings:

John Cena will be on Late Night with Seth Myers tonight on NBC.  He will be appearing tomorrow to host The Today Show, also on NBC.  John Cena will also take part in lighting up the Empire State Building in New York City tomorrow as the building will be lit yellow in honor of Bumblee's color and  "to celebrate the commitment of brightening the lives of children." 

Cena came off very well on last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, as seen in the following video clips Paul Jordan sent along:

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