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By Billy Krotchnsen and Kris on 2018-12-19 00:04:00

*The New Day & Gallows & Anderson defeated WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bar & Sanity. The New Day did commentary.

*R-Truth and Carmella do a promo about Christmas in the ring.  WWE Champion Daniel Bryan comes out and says Santa and the reindeer aren’t real, just like AJ Styles isn't real.  It’s all a joke to promote materialism.  He says the North Pole is melting so there’s no chance Santa could be there.  Truth thinks he is just messing around but Bryan tells him that the only joke is his career.  Truth says he will win the Rumble and challenge Bryan for the WWE title at Wrestlemania.  Bryan lays him out and uses the Yes Lock.

*Mustafa Ali pinned Andrade “Cien” Almas.                   

*Shane McMahon on MizTV.  They push the recent changes.  Miz tries to convince Shane to be his tag team partner.  Miz said let the fans decide.  They chanted YES.  It ends up with Shane agreeing to do it.

*Jeff Hardy defeated Samoa Joe by countout after beating him back to the ring after they were fighting on the outside.  Hardy tried to put Joe through a table after but was caught in the Cocquina Clutch and left him choked out.

*Rusev pinned Shinsuke Nakamura with the Machka Kick to win the WWE United States Championship.

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