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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-17 10:00:00

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Vince McMahon will make an announcement on Raw.  Do you think the fans should hijack the segment to tell Vince they are not happy with the current direction of the product?  I mean REALLY hijack it, like they did to Roman Reigns after he beat The Undertaker?

Ordinarily, I think a good point could be made for doing so, but also for respecting that the show is what it is, and fans have to accept that when they go to see it.  But given WWE has actually made the recent bad creative a storyline point with the angle that the booked between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin, they opened the door.  If the fans at Raw tonight decide to kick that door in, WWE can’t really complain since they are the ones that brought it up to begin with.  It would be surreal to see it happen since the live crowd always seems to forget that Vince makes the calls on creative and instead of telling him what they think, they adore him instead.

WWE TV has not been booked strongly in recent weeks, which is a major factor for the recent ratings decline.  Do you think another factor for the ratings decline could be from the repercussions of the decision to go ahead with the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia?

I guess it’s possible but given that the audience stayed pretty stead for the month after the Saudi show, I think it’s really more a direct result of a run of bad, dull shows.

So are Sanity basically relegated to dark matches now? They haven't done a THING since making it to the main roster in April. Hell, No Way Jose's had more angles than them.

Yep, another solid act from NXT is brought up to the main roster and used very poorly.  I feel sorry for Triple H.  He is doing all he can to help shape the future, only to see things wasted.  It has to be disheartening for him.  I know that it would be for me.

Any inkling of validity to the growing rumors that Minneapolis will be hosting WrestleMania in 2020?

WWE has talked with the stadium in the past.  I can’t say that the show will be there but it would seem like it’s definitely a possibility.

Considering that Darren Young and, currently, Sonya Deville have been notable for being openly gay wrestlers on WWE's roster, do you ever think WWE will ever have LGBTQ performers have their sexual orientation be incorporated as part of their characters? And I don't mean in the stereotypical, offensive Billy & Chuck/Adrian Street/Goldust kind of way that effectively renders gaycharacters as cartoons to be jeered at. But rather three-dimensional performers that can be positioned as heroes for fans to root for. Do you think the general WWE fanbase would be ready for that?

You know what’s really cool?  I didn’t even know that she came out until you sent this and I researched it.  That is a cool thing.  OK, now onto the question.  Frankly, I am not ready for it.  Why?  Because I don’t see making a heterosexual character’s sexuality part of the storyline, so I don’t see the need to do it for LGBTQ characters.  It would come across as pandering to me.  Plus, what if the character is a heel?  Could it only be a babyface?  And let’s be real, there are some knuckle draggers in the world.  I don’t think WWE needs to take the chance of giving them something vile to chant on TV.

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