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By John Philapavage on 2018-12-15 23:27:00

The Elite came out and cut a babyface promo putting over Philly.  Tonight it will be Young Bucks & Hangman Page & Cody vs. Best Friends & Jay Lethal & Flip Gordon.

Internet Exclusive: The Bouncers defeat The Sons of Savagery.

ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb beat The Luchasurus via belly to belly suplex, piledriver and his Tour of the Islands finisher. A very solid match.

Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose defeated Twizted Sisters. Sisters looked cohesive and fluid. Sakai/Rose had their moments, but nothing notable as a match

Ian Riccaboni does in-ring intros for Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon, Chris Sabin and Dalton Castle, explaining all four have earned a title shot. They'll compete in a Four Corner Survival match to see who gets the shot. Taven, with his self-proclaimed ROH title belt, comes out to cut a heel promo on all of them. Jay Lethal comes out and security has to separate Taven and Lethal.

Next match is Women of Honor Championship match. Nikki Adamse faces champion Kelly Klein. Before the match, Klein cuts promo about winning title at Final Battle and announces every single match she has will be for the WOH title. Klein wins via pin in a rough, competitive match. Jenny Rose out on ramp to cut promo challenging/mentioning that Klein and she have a match on January 13th for the title. Rose makes it a Street Fight and Kelly accepts.

Christopher Daniel out for a promo. He says the other two SCU members at home recovering and he lost at Final Battle. He said there is nothing left to do than "say goodbye." He references the first ROH main event with Low Ki and Bryan Danielson and the first four-way that introduced the ROH title, the locker room, finally getting ROH title. He puts over ROH and the crowd. "I thank you, I love you. Bye." Huge pop, standing ovation.

Joe Koff came out on stage for a promo thanking Chris and turning Daniels further babyface, saying Daniels defended Cary Silkin at Final Battle. Koff puts over Daniels and offers Daniels a new ROH contract. The crowd chants, "Yes!" Daniels hugs Koff, holds up contract but Shane Taylor attacks Daniels and they brawl. Taylor beats down Daniels with a chair and does a big move on it to lots of heel heat, then rips up Daniels’ contract with one foot on him. Taylor absolutely getting over as a heel tonight.

Flip Gordon vs. Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll vs. Chris Sabin Four-Way for ROH title shot. The match was a fast-paced crowd pleaser with lots of spots, early involving all 4, then later paired off one on one, next guy rolling in. Dalton pinned Chris Sabin clean with the Bangarang. Jay Lethal out after match to hold up title and they shake hands promoting their title match.

Tracy Williams vs. Zack Sabre Jr. The match is hold, strike and ground based, different then everything on the show, slow built and holding the crowd’s attention. Pace and violence quickened leading to ZSJ winning via Octopus submission over Williams.

WOH match - Twisted Sisterz vs. Britt Baker & Madison Rayne. Like the first women's tag earlier in the night, the lesser name, more cohesive tag team was the non-singles competitor team. Twisted Sisterz were more fluid as a team, with double team sequences, but the overall wrestling here was better from all involved. It clicked. Britt Baker wins by pinfall for her team.

SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) vs ROH Tag Champions The Briscoes. Teams threw chairs at each other to start. Chairs came back later after a ref bump with Briscoes using chair shots on both. Still Kazarian got a visual pin and ref came in to late. Excellent match where cuts from last night opened up on Jay Briscoe during stiff action and a lot of well executed moves/sequences. Briscoes couldn't finish SCU and freaked. Crowd was fully invested in the match and SCU comeback. Kazarian fought both alone after Sky was taken out, until he was taken out as well via a double team Splash Mountain Bomb into a neckbreaker from Briscoes for the win. Big ovation from crowd and waving from SCU from ring at end. Babyface moment as they went around ringside slapping hands to large ovation. Seemed like a possible finishing up for

Marty Scurll came out for promo. Attacked by Kingdom who asked where his friends were (Elite). Said they were gone, but no reason I can't make new ones. Lights off, lights on. Brody King. Lights off. Lights on again. PCO. PCO hit a huge moonsault. King had a big move too. Scurll announced them as Villian Enterprises (Scurll, PCO and King)

Eli Isom (with Ryan Nova) vs. Facade in a tournament .match to determine # 1 contender for the TV Title.  Match was fast paced. Crowd still settling back in, but reaction was positive because they worked hard. Eli Isom wins clean by pinfall.

Rush vs. TK O'Ryan.   These two had an excellent back and forth match. Rush took it into the crowd twice, whipped him with the camera chord at ringside. Rush has massive charisma and was completely over with the crowd, finishing the match with a running drop kick to O'Ryan in the corner for the win. RUSH was over with the crowd, who chanted "Toro Blanco" at him. Post-match Vinny Marseglia distracted Rush as he rolled in from the crowd, and Taven and the O'Ryan of the Kingdom beatdown RUSH, giving him a conchairtto on the ground. 

Nick Aldis is in a suit with the NWA title with Camille in a revealing dress. They have an entrance then go to commentary table.

PJ Black vs. Juice Robinson is next. Juice came out with a Macho Man inspired entrance with glasses and robe and headbandPace was very much too men who have been in WWE. It was hot and high for Juice on offense, a lower and more deliberate with subtle heel crowd work when Black was on control. A lot of slower selling and milking crowd reactions between moves in this one. Black threw ref into ropes causing Juice to crotch self. DQ finish, crowd was a bit bummed about as Juice gets the DQ win.   Post-match promo as Juice puts over ROH and says he can get behind it.  Robinsin says they'll be a lot of changes in business in 2019, and you'll be seeing a lot of Juice Robinson in ROH in 2019.  He says he wants to bring ROH back to what it was (storyline wise, with a focus on the honor) and it seems like he will be back in 2019 as a semi-regular to regular.

Mike Law vs. Shane Taylor. Taylor squashed Law in a minute with the 216 finisher (piledriver variation).  In a Post-match promo, Taylor asks, "Who paid me to take out Chris Daniels?" meaning that was storyline speculation. He says no one did, he did it himself, and he's just getting started.

Colt Cabana is in the ring to interview Flip Gordon. Cabana puts over Flip's big win over Bully Ray at Final Battle. Gordon says now that that's over, he wants to cash in a shot at the ROH World Championship. Kenny King comes out onto ramp and heels Gordon and the Philly fans with a promo, showing four camera angles zoomed in that show him pinning ROH Champion Jay Lethal back in November...but the zoom is used to obscure the fact his feet were on the ropes and the match being restarted wasnt mentioned either.  King gets to ring, calls Flip a weekend warrior paid to join the reserves and leaves.   The crowd was engaged with this.

Silas Young vs. Beer City Bruiser. Bruiser wants a No DQ match right now. They start fighting. It wasnt always smooth, slow sequences developing when it wasnt punch/kick, lots of space between the actual brawling sequences, and they pretty much lost the crowd. A chair was used by Silas, then both. There was a table spot in the corner of the ring. These things got momentary reactions, then quiet. Fans were generally respectful though.  Brian Milonas interfered and went through a table at ringside for his trouble. Just a long match that the fans didn't hate audibly, but didn't love. Silas Young wins with Misery after Bruiser missed him and went through a table himself.

Villian Enterprises come out. Kingdom comes out for 6 man title match. Except Matt Taven does a promo as he walks to the ring, tells VE to earn it, brings out Cheeseburger, Eli Isom and Ryan Nova for the match vs Villian Enterprises. VE destroys Cheesburger and friends, who were allowed to have small moments, but this was more of a showcase for King and PCO for a new audience. Villian Enterprises wins via PCO moonsault. Fans chanted his name at the end. New guys looked good and fans live liked the fit.

Final Match is for Honor Club Only: Best Friends & Jay Lethal & Flip Gordon defeated The Young Bucks & Hangman Page & Cody when Flip Gordon pinned Nick Jackson.  The Elite all hugged each other.  Bully Ray came out with a mic and said that this Arena will never be their house.  He, Silas Young, The Briscoes and Shane Taylor attack and lay everyone out.

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