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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-16 10:00:00

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What are the odds that Vince McMahon’s announcement on Raw is that he is stepping down as the Head Of Creative and turning it over to someone else?

You have a better chance of winning the lottery 20 times than that happening.  Unless the XFL becomes his far and away top priority, he will keep control over creative in general and Raw in particular.

Do you think that them announcing his appearance is being done to bring in ratings?

Absolutely.  They see the same numbers that we do and they are way down from where they were last year and a few months ago.  They even had Seth Rollins acknowledge it in his promo on Raw.  They are aware that some former viewers are tuning them out right now.

What would he need to say to get people to keep watching after they see his segment?

There really isn’t a lot he can say at this point.  He has to make changes that get people interested again.  In my opinion, the repetitive, generic nature of the product is the problem.  It used to be “Anything can happen in WWE!”  Now it’s more like, “The viewer knows exactly what will happen in WWE”.  That is what needs to change, and quickly.

If Vince did step down, who would you turn the booking over to?

If it were me, the obvious, logical choice is Paul Levesque.  He has done an amazing job with everything he has put together thus far.  Plus, he is in his forties and has three young children so he is much more in tune with the younger audience that WWE wants to attract than Vince is at 73 years old, and pretty insulated from the people he is delivering his product to.

Do you think whoever took Vince’s place would implement drastic changes?

It depends on how you define “drastic”.  I don’t think WWE will become NXT and it shouldn’t.  What made WWE appeal to the masses what the stuff that happens OUTSIDE the ring.  Purists watch for wrestling.  Casual fans watch for characters and stories.  With that said, I think making characters and stories more interesting and fun is what WWE is lacking right now so if that is a drastic change, it is what should be made.

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