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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-12-12 20:59:00

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

Undisputed Era come to the ring and Adam Cole says they start the holidays early by embarrassing the top one percent of idiots EC3 tonight.  In 2018, EC3 thought that coming to NXT would elevate his career to new heights.  With help from a steel chair, EC3 found out that NXT was their world.  The Undisputed Era is the center of the universe.  Everything revolved around them.  Make no mistake about it, 2018 was not a career year for them, it was the start of a decade of undisputed dominance.  Adam promises that all four of them will be draped in championship gold in 2019.  That is not a threat, that is undisputed.

Match Number One:  Bobby Fish (with Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Adam Cole) versus EC3

Fish goes to the floor before EC3 can lock up as he tries to get into EC3's head.  Fish wants EC3 held back but EC3 hip tosses Fish into the ring.  EC3 with kicks and punches.  EC3 with an Irish whip and Fish goes for the leg.  EC3 with a power bomb.  EC3 with a Mick Foley clothesline and both go over the top rope to the floor.  EC3 goes to the apron and then goes after Fish and sends him back into the ring.  EC3 with an arm bar and nerve hold.  Fish backs EC3 into the corner.  EC3 with chops and a biel.  Kyle gets on the apron and that allows Fish to clip EC3.  

Fish with punches to EC3.  Fish with a boot to EC3 followed by a kick.  Fish with a forearm and punches in the corner.  Fish with kicks to the thigh followed by a dragon screw leg whip.  Fish works on the injured leg and stands on the good knee.  EC3 kicks Fish away but misses a splash into the corner and Fish with an exploder for a near fall.  EC3 with a suplex.  EC3 with punches to Fish and Fish catches himself in the ropes.  EC3 with a slam and the One Percent Elbow.  EC3 knocks Kyle and Strong off the apron.  Fish dives at the knee and takes EC3 down again.  Fish with a knee bar but EC3 with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  EC3

After the match, The Undisputed Era attack EC3. 

Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight come to the ring and go after Undisputed Era and clear the ring except for Kyle.  EC3 hits the One Percenter on Kyle.

EC3 convinces Otis to do the worm and elbow drop.  

We go to Io Shirai and Dakota Kai and they are asked about the issues with Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke.  Dakota says Jessaymn and Marina are sticking their noses in Shayna's business.  They are not going to let it happen.  Io says she will not let them hurt her friend and Dakota wants a tag match against Jessamyn and Marina next week.

We see The Mighty attacking Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch a few weeks ago on NXT. 

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch versus Shane Thorne and Nick Miller

Lorcan and Throne start things off but Burch and Miller enter the ring too and they all go to the floor except for Lorcan who joins them with a plancha.  Lorcan and Thorne are in the ring and Lrocan with an elbow but Thorne with an elbow.  Lorcan with an elbow and European uppercut.  Lorcan with a single leg crab until Miller interferes.  Thorne with a Saito suplex and Miller tags in and hits a clothesline followed by a spinebuster for a near fall.  Thorne tags in and he knocks Burch down in the corner.  Burch is able to make the tag in and he punches Miller and hits a Thesz Press on Thorne.

Buch with a clothesline in the corner followed by an enzuigiri to both Thorne and MIller.  Burch goes to the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick on Thorne.  Burch gets THorne on his shoulders but Thorne escapes.  Thorne with an uppercut to Lorcan followed by a clothesline to Burch.  Thorne gets on Miller's shoulder for a superplex power bomb combination but Burch breaks up the cover.  Burch goes to the floor and Miller tags in.  They set for a double team move on Lorcan but Bruch makes the save.  Miller with a power slam to Lorcan and Thorne with a cannonball off MIller's back onto Burch.  Miller gets a near fall.

Thorne tags in and they get Lorcan up but Lorcan counters into a double DDT.  Lorcan slaps Miller and then he does the same to Thorne.  Thorne and Miller slap Lorcan and then they try to slap him again and they miss and slap each other.  Burch tags in and head butts Thorne and they hit an elevated assisted DDT for the three count.

Winners;  Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

We take a look at the situation between Tommaso Ciampa, Aleister Black, and Johnny Gargano.

Next week, Johnny Gargano faces Aleister Black in a steel cage match.

We get comments from Johnny Gargano.  He says Aleister thought their feud was over in Los Angeles when you absolved me of my sins?  I did nothing wrong.  The ends justify the means.  The ends is fulfilling his promise of being NXT Champion.  People celebrating around the world and children high fiving.  You being in the parking lot was you being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  You are in his way and in his path.  Johnny says he is not afraid of Aleister.  You can lock him in a steel cage with the devil and he will succeed.  Next week, he does not just turn the page, he closes the book on Aleister Black.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Dominick Dijakovic video feature and he will be here next week.

Shayna Baszler is asked about the Number One Contender Match and she says it does not matter who wins because the result will be the same.  She will have the title and the opponent will have hospital bills.  Marina and Jessamyn are asked about Io Shirai and Dakota Kai.  They laugh at the challenge and Shayna says that they accept the challenge.

We are told that Lacey Evans is part of the Fatal Four Way Match for the Number One Contender spot by defeating Xia Li.

Match Number Three:  Mia Yim versus Reina Gonzalez in a Number One Contender Match Qualifying Match

They locku p and Gonzalez backs Yim into the corner but misses a forearm.  Mia with a guillotine but Reina counters into a suplex attempt but Mia lands on her feet.  Mia returns to the guillotine.  Mia with a drop kick and she goes for Sole Food but Gonzalez blocks it.  Mia with another guillotine but Reina drops Mia on the top rope.  Gonzalez pulls Mia to the mat and kicks her.  Reina gets a near fall.  Reina with a clothesline to send Mia to the mat and follows with a boot to the chest for a near fall.  Reina gets another near fall.  Gonzalez with a gutwrench into a back breaker over her shoulder.  Mia with elbows to escape and she sends Reina into the ropes.  Mia with chops.

Mia with palm strikes and kicks followed by a knee and back heel kick and Sole Food for the three count.

Winner:  Mia Yim

We see Ricochet getting ready for his match and we will see who his opponent is when we come back from commercial.

Aleister Black says everyone in the human race do things based on their feelings.  He is asked how does he feel about his match against Johnny Gargano in a steel cage.  Black says he does not feel anything.  He says he has to do this.  It has come to his attention that you are far far beyond absolution.  You are far beyond redemption.  The only thing left is total annihilation in the form of that steel cage match.  There won't be any escape, running away, or ducking.  Everything that you are and have done will fade to black.

Match Number Four:  Ricochet versus Tyler Breeze in a WWE NXT North American Championship Match

They lock up and Breeze with an arm drag but Ricochet lands on his feet.  Breeze relaxes on the turnbuckles.  They lock up again and Ricochet with a side head lock.  Ricochet with a head scissors and drop kick.  Breeze goes to the floor.  Ricochet goes to the floor as well and Breeze returns to the ring.  Breeze with a body scissors into a single leg crab.  Ricochet gets to the ropes and escapes the hold.  Breeze with a kick and Ricochet with a rolling clothesline.  Ricochet goes to the apron and kicks Breeze.

Breeze with a drop kick as Ricochet comes off the apron.  Breeze sends Ricochet back into the ring and Breeze kicks Ricochet in the corner.  Breeze and the referee have some words.  Breeeze puts Ricochet on the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex but Ricochet punches Breeze and sends Breeze to the mat.  Ricochet with a kick and a rolling drop kick.  Ricochet with a running European uppercut and he ends Breeze into the turnbuckles but Breeze avoids a Tiger Feint kick.  Ricochet lands on his feet on a German suplex and then sends Breeze into teh turnbuckels for a Tiger Feint Kick.  Ricochet with a springboard clothesline and a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Ricochet pulls Breeze into position and Ricochet goes up top for a Phoenix Splash but Breeze moves and Ricochet lands on his feet.  Breeze and Ricochet exchange punches and forearms.  Both with kicks at the same time and then both with clotheslines.  Both men go for cross bodies and both men go down.  Breeze and Ricochet with forearms on the mat.  Ricochet wtih the advantage and he goes for a suplex but Breeze blocks it.  RIcochet blocks a suplex.  They go back and forth to try for suplexes and Ricochet goes for a belly-to-back suplex and Breeze lands on hi sfeet.  Breeze with a super kick and reverse rana for a near fall.  

Ricochet tells Breeze this is his and Breeze with a thrust kick and punches.  Ricochet with a kick to the head and Breeze with a jumping knee and enzuigiri.  Ricochet catches Breeze on the Beauty Shot and Ricochet with a Cradle Shock for the three count.

Winner:  Ricochet (Retains Championship)

We go to credits.


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