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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-10 22:16:00

It was announced on Raw that Apollo Crews will be replacing Finn Balor going forward in the Mixed Match Challenge.  While the issue hasn't been officially confirmed yet, has been told it's an illness, not an injury.  We are told the company expects Balor to be OK to face Drew McIntyre this weekend, which is why their bout is still being advertised for this Sunday's WWE TLC PPV in San Jose.  The beatdown on Raw was not designed to be a way to write Balor out, just a way to add some heat to their PPV bout.  Balor issued the following apology after leaving last week's tour following the Santiago, Chile event:

10:30 PM EST Note: The initial version of this post listed Balor as being injured.  We have since confirmed that is not the case and it is an illness issue.    The post has been changed to reflect that updated information.

Jason Jordan was in Birmingham, Alabama last week getting his neck evaluated.  Jordan has been out of action since undergoing neck surgery back in February.  He's been working as a producer for the company since he recovered enough to travel on the road.

Dakota Kai suffered a knee injury over the weekend.

Rhyno is backstage at Raw after working the South American tour. WWE followed up his "firing" last week with the following video:


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