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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-11 10:01:00

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After hearing Mark Henry said Alexa Bliss came back too soon from her first concussion, I am wondering how WWE let that happen.

Unfortunately, concussions are one of the hardest injuries to get a true handle on.  In this case, they felt Bliss was cleared when it ended up she wasn’t.  It has happened in other sports as well.

Is Paul Heyman working as part of creative or in a behind the scenes role?

Heyman is primarily an on air talent but he works behind the scenes with talents on their promos and how they are presented.  He's worked with Bobby Lashley and Ronda Rousey of late, among others.

Back in late 90’s, early 2000’s the product was very much ‘rope opera’ with storylines and cliff hangers lasting months with drama and twists. See the McMahon vs Austin, the who ran over Stone cold, the first brand split etc but arguably the in ring action wasn’t as good as it is today. Today we get awesome matches almost monthly yet the weekly shows have little drama, twists and in essence ‘rope opera’ – Do you see a way they could combine both? I long for the days of Raw ending and I absolutely couldn’t wait for Smackdown to see how the story would progress.

There is absolutely a way to do, and it comes down to improving the booking.  The roster isn’t the problem, they have as talented a group as WWE has ever assembled.  There are great workers up and down the card.  They can hold up their end.  They just need to be given better opportunities to connect with the crowd and better stories to tell to the fans.  It’s really that simple and it could easily be done.  It should be done.

In the WWE, men cannot hit women. I get that, and I agree because even though it's scripted, it will send the wrong message. But shouldn't it be the same for women hitting men? Even a slap to the face, I feel, tells the audience that women can be mean (heels) and get away with it, with no repercussion knowing that men can hit back. But let's look at something more glaring with Ronda Rousey actually beating up men. We are not talking about a cheap pop spot like Beth Phoenix lifting Santino Marella and eliminating him in a Royal Rumble. Rousey is physically beating men up. Big men like HHH, Kurt Angle, and now Baron Corbin. if men can be provoked by women and control themselves to not hit them, shouldn't women be in the same light?

I agree with you and have said the same thing.  At this point, I think it makes sense to make the rule go both ways.  Let each group beat on each other, but not the opposite sex.

How do you react when Vince Russo says ridiculous things about you?  Note: Crazy lies Russo has told about me, deleted!

I don’t.  I haven’t paid attention to anything that he has said for years now.  Frankly, there are very few people in the world whose opinions and/or comments I concern myself with.  In those cases, it’s because I respect/love/admire those people.  When cretins say things about me, I honestly couldn’t care less because, well, they are cretins!  If Russo wants to rile up the people that follow him by lying about me, I couldn’t care less.  In this case, I just consider the source.  I don’t waste my time with people like them.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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