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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-08 23:40:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing House of Hardcore coverage from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA.  

Fallah Bahh vs. Ethan Page

Bahh got a nice reaction coming out.    Lots of fans chanting “Bahh.”  They played to the crowd early on.  Page went for a shoulder tackle rebounding off the ropes to no effect.   Bahh rebounded off the ropes but Page dropped down to the mat, expected Bahh to leap over him but instead he stopped and tried to stomp him, with Page rolling away and out of the ring.  Page teased walking out.  Page returned to the ring but Bahh ran through him and shoulderblocked him down to the mat.

Bahh worked over Page and nailed a belly to belly Suplex.  Everything Bahh did got a nice reaction.   Page came back with an elbow off the ropes for a two count and stomped away at Bahh in the corner.  He played to the fans as Bahh recovered.  Page nailed a right hand to the head of Bahh to no effect.   Page worked him over but Bahh fought back and nailed a series of rights.

Page went for a sunset flip but Bahh went for an Earthquake splash.  Page slipped out of the way and attacked Bahh.  They exchanged chops and punches.   Page rebounded off the ropes but Bahh caught him with a high cross body block.  He nailed a big running hip attack in the corner and a splash for a two count.

They battled to the outside of the apron, where Page kicked Bahh to the floor, then hit a tope suicida.  They battled back to the ring, where Bahh finally scored the pin with the Banzai splash off the ropes.

Your winner, Fallah Bahh!

A fun opener that was designed to get the crowd to get into the show.  This was a light, fun bout and it was perfect for what it was meant to be with both playing their roles right.

Britt Baker vs. Angelina Love (with Velvet Sky).

They went back and forth with some nice action early.    Love worked over Baker in the corner, using her boot to choke her.  Love went for a Suplex, but Baker turned it into a neckbreaker.  They battled back and forth with forearms.  Baker sent her into the ropes and nailed a clothesline, then hit a running knee strike in the corner.  Baker nailed a Slingblade for a two count.  Baker worked her over but Love nailed a Flatliner. Sky got on the apron, but Baker shoved Love into her.  Baker nailed a superkick and scored the pin.

Your winner, Britt Baker!

This was a good bout.  Love looked good in the ring, really, the best I've seen out of her in some time - she was in the zone and everything looked good.  Baker was right there with her in the ring.  Truly an enjoyable bout.

Alex Reynolds vs. Gangrel

Reynolds was cutting a promo saying HOH was still his company when the lights went out and out came Gangrel, who got a nice pop.  This may be the first time he's wrestled here since he wrestled Tommy Dreamer in ECW in 1995.

Reynolds attacked him from benhind and smashed him into the turnbuckles.  The shots were having no effect.  Gangrel elbowed him and turned the tables, smashing Reynolds into the buckles instead.  Reynolds cut him off and kicked away at him in the corner.  Gangrel dropped an elbow on him.  He went for the Implant DDT but Reynolds fought him off and sent him to the floor.  Reynolds went for a dive but was hit on the way down.  Gangrel ran him into the ringpost and smashed him into the apron.

On the floor, Reynolds missed a clothesline but drilled Gangrel on the rebound.  He worked him over on the apron.  Reynolds choked him against the ropes and nailed him for a two count.    They grappled back and forth and exchanged near falls.  Reynolds jawed with the crowd, who chanted that he sucked.  Gangrel nailed several chops.  Reynolds took him down and cinched in a side chinlock.  Gangrel fought back but Reynolds drilled him with forearms in the corner.   Gangrel caught him with a snap powerslam.   Reynolds nailed a knee strike but was caught with a bulldog for a two count.

Gangrel delivered a series of chops and executed a side Russian legsweep for another two count.  Reynolds drilled him with a DDT variation for a two count.  Gangrel was drilled with a codebreaker off the ropes.  Reynolds began trash talking Gangrel, who bit him on the arm and then pulled him into the Implant DDT for the pin.

Your winner, Gangrel!

Another solid, fun match.  This was a good showcase for Reynolds to show he could be competitive with the former WWE star and he did a nice job getting some heat.  Gangrel worked much harder than you'd expect and wasn't trying to use nostalgia for a pop when he could have easily relied on that.  He worked pretty hard and Reynolds, as always, was good.

All the undercard stuff was good at building up the show.  Just good solid wrestling with spots designed to pop the crowd live.

Right at the bell, everyone went into a bunch of faced paced spots and fought each other.  Gainz went after Austin and hit him with an Oklahoma Stampede style powerslam in the corner on Crist before nailing him down to the mat.  Austin really impressed with some great physical moves before hitting a backwards flip to the floor on his opponents.  He’s someone to keep a close eye on in 2019.  The crowd popped huge for that.

Austin got caught on the ropes.  Gainz went for a superplex and as they came down, Crist leapt up and caught Austin with a powerbomb.  That was cool.  Crist unloaded with some great kicks for a two count.  Gainz drilled him across the back and whipped him into the corner.  Gainz charged but was sent up and over to the apron.  He hit the ropes to spring board into the ring but was caught with a cutter.   Austin came off the ropes and drilled Crist, scoring the pin on Gainz (I believe).

Your winner, Ace Austin!

Enjoyable, athletic bout.  Everyone looked good when it was their turn to shine and you can tell Austin is a diamond in the rough with a lot of potential.  Gainz looked good.  Crist has a great knack for timing and for big spots. 

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