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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-09 10:01:00

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Do you think VKM is totally on board for a women’s main event at Wrestlemania, or would he need some convincing?? What if due to injury Rousey couldn’t compete at WM?? Would that blow all chances of a women’s main event??

If the match was compelling and getting the kind of reaction that he wants from a WrestleMania main event, plus it fit in with how he wanted to lay out the show, I believe he would be completely on board with it closing the event.

Are there any days where you guys do NOT watch any wrestling?

Absolutely!  Balance in life is important.  The more interests one has, the more enriching their life will be.

It seems as if though Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have been pushing the WWE Women's Division even harder with the Becky Lynch "The Man" storyline as well as Ronda Rousey as RAW Women's Champion even though Vince McMahon has the final say.  With that being said, how would the fan reaction be if for some reason, the WWE decides to bring back bikini contests, pajama pillow fights or Santa's Little Helpers matches?

I always get a laugh out of the questions you send. Thanks for that.  The women’s division has moved on, far away from those kinds of matches.  If they came back, I think it’s fair to say that the fans wouldn’t not be receptive to them.

Are TV ratings still important to WWE and Vince McMahon? I say that more in the hope that the drop in ratings is going to give Vince and HHH motivation to improve the current product, particularly Monday Night RAW which has been unwatchable recently.

It depends on your perspective.  Of course they are important, because that determines what kind of TV deals they get from USA and FOX.  Unfortunately for us, they already got those deals and are now tied up with mega bucks until 2024.  So unless there is an opt out clause, they have over five years to turn things around.  With that said, USA has gotten on the company in the past to get the numbers up, and I am sure both partners have the ability to do that now as well.  But in a world where almost all TV programming is seeing ratings drop, due to streaming and other options consumers have, even at their current numbers WWE is a valuable show to have on the schedule.  If they keep dropping, that could change.

RAW is terrible. Honestly, aside form Elias (and his segment this past Monday was really weak), there's not much that makes me want to watch. Do you think WWE takes their ratings as a sign that they need to change direction? Or, are we in a place where it might be best for this Titanic to take on a little more water before Captain Vince starts clearing the deck chairs? In all seriousness, will it take a serious drop below the 2 million mark for him to see the writing on the wall?

At this point, I think it will take one of two things for change to occur. One, as mentioned above, USA will have to exert pressure to make WWE change things up (and for the record, I agree with you, Raw has been painful to watch for weeks now).  The other hope I have is that with the XFL coming, Vince McMahon pours all of his “creativity” into making that a success and starts delegating the booking to people like HHH.  One of the main problems with Vince’s booking now comes from his age.  He’s 73 years old and I just think he has no clue what his target audience is into anymore.  He still approaches the business like he did when he was 43, and society has changed a lot since then.  Like Mike Johnson says all the time, Vince lives in a bubble.  When was the last time he mingled among the unwashed masses?  He doesn’t understand how today’s kids are and you can tell that by the booking of Raw.  Kids are a lot more sophisticated now than they were in the 80s.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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