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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-08 10:00:00

Why does Kacy Catanzo climb up the ringpost the way she does during her ring entrance?

It's a nod to her time on American Ninja Warrior.

It's been about a year since we've seen any Legends of Extreme episodes on Highspots Wrestling Network.  Is the series done?

For now, it is.  The series was, unfortunately, pirated online immediately for the second and third seasons, which led to the viewership on the streaming site being far lower than the initial season.  It's hard to push ahead with something when the math tells you it's not worth the time.  It's Highspots' call if and when to move forward with new seasons.  I actually had 100 episode topics sketched out when the project began, so if they ever decide to move forward, it will be a rather easy process to start production work on the series.    If you want there to be more episodes, the best way to do that is to subscribe to the service and let them know you are subscribing for the series and that you want more - but honestly, I don't see it being a major priority for them.  I am really proud of the 30 episodes we made and look forward to doing more if and when the constellations align.

I saw in this day in history that we just hit the point where Mark Cuban hosted Raw.  Has there been any talk of Raw bringing back that concept?  What were your favorite hosts?

I haven't heard of it, but there's always a possibility.    I really liked the Bob Barker and Muppets episodes myself.  I always was sort of bummed that the plans for Robert Englund to host never came to fruition.

Whatever happened to Layla?  I always felt she was underrated.

She is retired from the business and has gotten married since leaving WWE.  She is advertised for a March 2019 signing appearance in NYC.  I would agree on underrated.  She worked really hard to get better and was a good character, especially during her time with Michelle McCool.

One thing I don't see mentioned anymore is who are the members of the NWA these days.  Any clue?

There are no members.  Once Billy Corgan bought the promotion, he allowed the licenses different promotions had to use the NWA initials to expire.

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