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By Paul Jordan on 2018-12-05 12:09:00 is reporting that copies of the WWE Evolution pay-per-view DVD which wasn't expected until January are now available as a Walmart exclusive.

ESPN has a piece on the WWE Performance Center with quotes from coaches and talent.


ALMOST 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Nikki and Brie have something special planned for you.

Sasha Banks Glute Bridge Butt (WITH BANDS!)

Rey Mysterio 3 Minute Abs (FOLLOW ALONG!)



Creating VELVETEEN DREAM | 3D-Scanning Superstars

Fox affiliate KWKT did a piece on yesterday's Tribute to the Troops event at Fort Hood:

The 2018 Tribute to the Troops two hour special will air December 20 at 9 PM Eastern on USA Network.

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