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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-12-04 22:30:00

We are in Austin, Texas and your announcers are Michael Cole, Renee Young, and Vic Joseph.

Before we get to the matches, Michael Cole talks about the attack by Daniel Bryan on AJ Styles at the end of Smackdown.

Match Number One:  Charlotte Flair and Jeff Hardy versus Carmella and R Truth in a Smackdown Division SemiFinal Match

The men start things off.  They lock up and Truth with a wrist lock.  Hardy with a reversal and elbow to the shoulder.  Hardy with an arm bar.  Truth with a side head lock and then he does some dancing.  Hardy does some dancing of his own.  Carmella tags in.  Charlotte blocks a kick and forces Carmella to cover up on a teased chop.  Charlotte with chops to Carmella but Carmella with a satellite head scissors.  Carmella with a moonwalk and Charlotte with a double leg take down.  Carmella goes to the floor and Hardy with a forearm to Truth.  Charlotte and Hardy with baseball slides and Truth and Carmella move.  They return to the ring and call for a DANCE BREAK!!!!

Charlotte hits Carmella from behind and then she kicks Carmella in the corner.  Charlotte dances in front of Truth and Carmella with a rollup for a near fall.  Charlotte with a head scissors and she drives Carmella's head into the mat.  Charlotte rolls Carmella around the ring while holding on to the head scissors.  Charlotte pulls Carmella into the corner and sets for a moonsault.  Carmella stops Charlotte but Charlotte kicks her way.  Carmella with a handstandcanrana.  Hardy tags in and Truth with clotheslines and a spinning forearm.  Truth with a splash into the corner and kick.  Truth with a scissors kick but Charlotte breaks it up.

Carmella is punched by Charlotte and Carmella is sent to the floor.  Hardy with a Twist of Fate and Carmella gets on top of Truth as a human shield for the Swanton.  Charlotte pulls Carmella to the floor.  Truth moves when Hardy goes for the Swanton and Truth gets the three count with a rollup.

Winners:  R Truth and Carmella (advance to Smackdown Finals against the winner of Jimmy Uso and Naomi versus Miz and Asuka)

We get comments from the Raw finalists.

Carmella and R Truth are asked about their victory and Carmella shows her spelling skills.  Carmella says she is excited for their success.  Truth says that they are going to Memphis when they win.  Carmella says she likes Nashville over Memphis.  Truth says he is talking about Memphis, Egypt.

Match Number Two:  Jimmy Uso and Naomi versus Miz and Asuka in a Smackdown Division Semifinal Match

The women start things off.  They lock up and Naomi with a side head lock and take down.  Asuka with a head scissors and Naomi escapes.   Asuka with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Asuka with a waist lock after blocking the Rear View.  Asuka blocks an enzuigiri and goes for an ankle lock.  Naomi with a victory roll for a near fall.  Naomi and Asuka shake hands despite Miz' objections.  Asuka with a drop kick and Miz tags in.

They lock up and Jimmy with a wrist lock into a side head lock.  Miz with a side head lock.  Miz with a shoulder tackle but Jimmy with a hip toss.  Jimmy with arm drags and Jimmy runs into a boot from Miz.  Miz kicks Jimmy in the corner.  Miz with a hesitation drop kick into the corner.  Miz runs into a clothesline from Jimmy.  Jimmy with another clothesline and thrust kick followed by an uppercut and Samoan drop.

Jimmy with a running hip strike into the corner.  Jimmy goes up top but Miz crotches Jimmy and Jimmy falls to the mat.  Naomi objects to what Miz just did and Miz says he can do it.  Miz with a rear chin lock.  Jimmy with elbows and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Miz lands on his feet and hits a DDT for a near fall.  Miz tells Asuka to stay on the apron.  Miz walks over to the corner but he walks away.  Miz says he does not trust Asuka any more because she lost.  Asuka and Miz argue while Miz has a front face lock on Jimmy.  Jimmy tries to make the tag but Miz stops him.  

Jimmy with an enzuigiri and both men are down.  Naomi is tagged in and Naomi with a clothesline and flying forearm followed by a head scissors.  Naomi misses a splash and Asuka goes for a hip attack but Naomi gets her knees up.  Naomi gets a near fall.  Asuka leans back and gets a near fall.  Asuka with a pop up knee but Naomi with a back elbow.  Naomi with a springboard round kick and Miz makes the save.  Jimmy sends Miz to the floor and hits a baseball slide.  Asuka with a hip attack to Jimmy.  Naomi with rear view for a near fall and then Asuka gets a near fall with a rollup.

Asuka with an Asuka Lock and Naomi taps out.

Winners:  Miz and Asuka (advance to face Carmella and R Truth in Smackdown Finals)

We go to credits.

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