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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-04 08:27:00

As reported last month, former ECW World Champion Masato Tanaka, 45 years old, is slated to return to the United States for several dates at the end of the year

Thus far, Tanaka has been announced for Friday 12/28 for Absolute Intense Wrestling in Parma, Ohio, facing Nick Gage.

On Saturday 12/29, Tanaka will debut for Game Changer Wrestling in Asbury Park, NJ.  The GCW event will see Tanaka face PCO for the first time ever.

Tanaka had a legendary feud with the late Mike Awesome in FMW that bled over into the original ECW as well.    His last matches in the United States were over Wrestlemania 30 weekend in New Orleans, LA.  He currently wrestles for Pro Wrestling NOAH and ZERO-ONE.  Tanaka lost the ZERO-ONE Championship to Daisuke Sekimoto earlier today in Japan.

Tanaka is also slated to return to the United States in April 2019 as part of Wrestlecon in New York City, facing former Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Brian Cage for the first time.

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