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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-05 10:00:00

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Why should I care about who's wearing the Championship when the champions always getting beat in non-title matches and the title doesn't change hands?

From a booking perspective, it should make a fan think that the challengers can beat the champs and take the Titles.  I get your point though, it’s kind of become a crutch that WWE uses to move into a new feud and match.

Since Finn Balor appears to be the target of McIntyre & crew and with Strowman out for the time being, is it possible that Anderson & Gallows find a way back onto Raw for an OCBC reunion?  After all both Anderson & Gallows aren’t doing much of anything on Smackdown this might be a way to use two extremely talented guys who are just being wasted.  The potential reunion of Balor, Anderson, Gallows, & Elias would be a great foil to McIntyre and crew.  

Possible?  Sure, if Vince McMahon wants to do it.  But since they didn’t do much with the three of them the last time they played that card, I don’t see a great chance of it happening.  In Vince’s mind, he doesn’t really care about what those three did before they came to his company.  His reality is what they do now that they are in WWE.

Was there ever an official investigation conducted regarding Brian Christopher's death? I remember Jerry Lawler publicly questioning the official cause of death after the tragedy happened.

There was, but they same with the original conclusion, that Christopher hung himself.

Did the WWF, AWA, or any other promotion have a similar $25,000 deposit rule for world champions that the NWA had back in the day? Do any current promotions have such a practice or something like it?

The NWA did that because the Title was used by many different promoters. That wasn’t the case with the WWF or the AWA.  I haven’t heard anything about that being the case today.

I know there have been varying trains of thought on the subject, but I wanted to hear your take: considering the IRS' 20-factor test for discerning an employee from an independent contractor, and given all of the duties and job requirements of pro wrestlers (especially in the big leagues), do you think that wrestlers should be afforded the same benefits and workers' rights as normal working employees would?

In a word?  Yes.  WWE controls where and when they work.  They can’t work for anyone else.  They are largely controlled by WWE.  That sounds like an employee to me.

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