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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-02 10:00:00

Last year, Raw was live on Christmas day. Are you guys hearing any word if Raw and/or Smackdown will be live on Christmas week? I know that Smackdown is just a two-hour show on Christmas day and I don't know if they would do a live show on the 25th.

There will be no live broadcasts this year.  When they run California for TV tapings coming out of TLC, they will air Raw live and Smackdown Live, then tape the 12/24 and 12/25 episodes of Raw and Smackdown.  They will then tape the 12/31 and 1/1 episodes of Raw and Smackdown on 12/27 and 12/28.

What does Cody's knee injury mean for ROH Final Battle and New Japan Wrestle Kingdom?

Unless the knee issue worsens, nothing.  Cody has noted he will need surgery, but intends to put it off until after the New Japan event.

I saw you reported that Fite.TV will be carrying Wrestle Kingdom, but here's my issue - if I am paying for New Japan World, why would I want to order the PPV there?

You probably won't, but others will.  Based on the emails I received after we broke the news that the show would air live on, the fans who have no interest in (or have been confused or overwhelmed by trying to sign up for) New Japan World certainly were interested.  You also have to remember that NJPW World isn't available via Roku, which a lot of people use to stream events, so Fite gives those users a chance to watch the show.  To me, it's a good idea for the same reason that ROH events are often on Fite.TV even if they are on Honorclub - you don't want to cut yourself off from any potential buys or revenue.

Why wasn't there any coverage of the Impact show on Twitch this weekend?

There would have been but they were having lots of issues with the Internet stream, which the promotion apologized for on their Twitter.  If and when they put up a complete show, I'll do my best to watch and review.

Why are these recent HOH shows not live on twitch?

We are told the promotion would rather post-produce and release them down the line.  

When does Paige return to the ring?

As long as she's under contract to WWE, likely never again.

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