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By Dave Scherer on 2018-12-03 10:00:00

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Would it seem to make sense to make Rousey a quasi-heel?  It seems as though the fans are kind of over her all smiles persona.  She makes money and mainstream media press, sure.  But being a tweener hasn't hurt most people who are really over in the past.

In time, sure that could make sense.  But now?  I think it’s way too soon to do that.  Turning people just to turn them kills the effectiveness of it most of the time.  I think that would be the case with Ronda at this point.  The crowd turned on her at Survivor Series due to the situation, that being that they were way behind Becky Lynch.  Before that, people were popping huge for her whenever she appeared.  So if it’s me, I gauge the crowd and if she loses the love of the fans, then I go with the harder edge.  Ironically, that’s partly how got Becky so over.

WWE has worked some miracles in inducting people into the WWF/E HOF – people that for a very long time, it was assumed that they would never ever go in. Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage comes to mind. Is there anyone else on the presumed “never” list that you think will eventually make it in?? I’ll even give you one – CM Punk.

Basically, it’s people that they had issues with and then resolved them later that were held out.  CM Punk is the first one that comes to mind when I think of that scenario. 

To your knowledge, does Vince have any particular issue with Lex Luger?? When you look at all the members of the HOF (and some make you go “really??”) I can’t figure why he hasn’t been chosen yet.

To my confirmed knowledge, no.  But I do know that Vince was very fond of Miss Elizabeth and given how she died, it wouldn’t shock me to find out Vince holds that against Luger.

And finally – why is there not a physical WWE HOF building yet?? WWE has the money to make it happen. Hell – VKM himself has the money to make it happen. What are they waiting for??

They had a version of one in Canada and it closed due to lack of business.  The thing is why build something that could end up making the company look bad?  I think it makes more sense to do what they do now, bringing all of the cool stuff to Axxess events.

I may be overthinking this but to me it seems reckless on WWE’s part to book Becky Lynch in a TLC match a month after she sustained a concussion that was severe enough that she missed a PPV and 2 Smackdowns.

I think you are underthinking.  First, when a person is cleared from the protocol, that means they can resume full activities, be it NFL, NHL or WWE.  Beyond that, WWE has added Asuka to the match so that means that they can, if needed, lighten Becky’s load.  

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