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By Mike Johnson on 2018-12-01 11:10:00

Pierre Carl Oulette has had something of a career resurgence in the last year. 

Billed as simply PCO, the former WWF and WCW star, 50 years old, has recreated himself as an unstoppable beast who seemingly feels no pain, informed equally by classic pro wrestling brawling characters and the legend of the Frankenstein Monster.  PCO has become a cult attraction on the independent scene, just as likely to hit a moonsault off the top to the floor as he is to brawl around ringside, and with good reason – the persona and act is extremely entertaining.

PCO's career resurgence has been so successful that it’s earned PCO his first contract in professional wrestling since his run in World Championship Wrestling, teaming with Jacques Rougeau. has confirmed that PCO has signed a full time, exclusive contract with Ring of Honor and will be starting with the promotion immediately.  In recent ROH TV episodes, a video featuring a heartbeat monitor has aired.  It's not hard to surmise that is leading to an announcement that PCO is on his way.

On Twitter, PCO has referred to the deal as "The biggest contract and opportunity of my career!"

It is believed PCO officially signed within the last several days.   He has begun pulling off independent dates and is finished with Major League Wrestling, where he had been appearing over the last year.

Prior to his run as PCO, Oulette held the WCW Hardcore Championship and is a three-time former WWF Tag Team Champion.

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