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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-30 10:00:00

In the WWE, men cannot hit women. I get that, and I agree because even though it's scripted, it will send the wrong message. But shouldn't it be the same for women hitting men? Even a slap to the face, I feel, tells the audience that women can be mean (heels) and get away with it, with no repercussion knowing that men can hit back. But let's look at something more glaring with Ronda Rousey actually beating up men. We are not talking about a cheap pop spot like Beth Phoenix lifting Santino Marella and eliminating him in a Royal Rumble. Rousey is physically beating men up. Big men like HHH, Kurt Angle, and now Baron Corbin. if men can be provoked by women and control themselves to not hit them, shouldn't women be in the same light?

Men can't hit women because WWE is doing a PG product.  Ronda hitting a judo flip on a man doesn't break that.  You are looking way too deep into it.  Every rule has its exceptions.  Getting Ronda over is that exception.

My question is about beautiful Bobby Eaton. I’m a huge fan of a midnight express and I just don’t understand why the midnight express and Bobby Eaton is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. I know as far as I know they’ve never wrestled in the WWE however there are many wrestlers in the Hall of Fame that never wrestled in WWE and I was wondering why this tag team Hasn’t been inducted yet. I mean Bobby on his own had amazing singles career and deserves to be inducted. Is there a reason that the WWE hasn’t done this yet?

I think it's just a matter of time before they induct The Midnight Express.  It's not a slight on Bobby Eaton, Stan Lane and Dennis Condrey as much as it's just that you can only induct so many people at once and they haven't gotten to the MX yet.  Certainly, given they are, in my opinion, the best working tag team of all time, they'll be inducted.  Just give it time.

Where's Santino Marella?

Marella is retired and running a wrestling and MMA school in Ontario, Canada, where he resides.  He runs a small independent under the name Destiny Wrestling and appears on one of Impact's series.

Is it true Eric Bischoff got into the business after working on Star Wars?

Uh, No.  Bischoff never worked on any project related to Lucasfilm.  What he do was create a toy call Ninja Star Wars which was sold via the AWA TV show, which was his door into working in professional wrestling.

What was the first wrestling match you ever saw live?

Paul Roma vs. Terry Gibbs.  December 26, 1986.  Madison Square Garden.

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