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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-29 10:00:00

Was the 11/26/18 Raw one of the top ten worst ever?

It was a rough episode to sit through, but I think in the 25-plus years of Raw, it probably wasn't one of the worst ever, just boring and excruciatingly magnified by the length of the show.  There were a lot of early to mid-1990s episodes that were much worse (no sign of a Basion Booger or Friar Ferguson on this week's Raw!) and at least this past Monday had Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins, which from an inside the ring perspective, was quite good.  The problem is they were down to zero truly over top babyfaces beyond Rollins, they appeared to cut the legs off Elias, featured matches that have been done to death, utilized a lot of lower and mid-card talent who have been treated with zero importance in recent months and a there was a whole lot of Baron Corbin.  It was a rough night at the office for the audience, for sure.

 Do you think it would be wise, or even feasible, for WWE to get away from the traditional PPV events here in the US and replace them with more shows like the Crown Jewel or Super Showdown events?  These would be shown on the network and offered as standard PPV events for non-network subscribers.  Think of it as a "Big 4" outside of the US, keeping the traditional Big 4 here and then 4 other "B" shows so as not to burn out talent or production.  Certainly there would be incred costs but I would have to imagine the gate would be much higher than the gate for a Fastlane or Backlash.

I think if WWE can get additional international countries to buy shows from them, they would consider it, but unless that is going to happen consistently, I don't see them replacing any of the domestic events, instead using the international sold shows as additional special live content for the WWE Network.

Years ago, WWE had a show on USA called "Tuesday Night Titans" which was sort of a parody of "The Tonight Show" but featuring wrestlers.  I never got to see the show but am curious whether anyone has it  available. Amazon doesn't appear to have it and none of the local  video establishments have it either.  If you can provide any help, it'd be very much appreciated. :)

You have been looking in all the wrong places.  Pretty much the entire run of TNT is available on the WWE Network.  Go to Shows, then the Vault section and scroll through until you find it.  Enjoy!

Why is WWE Network airing NXT UK back to back episodes, but regular NXT is only airing one episode per week?

WWE had a lot of NXT UK episodes taped and in the can while they were trying to secure a local broadcast deal in that country.  Since they were unable to secure a deal that worked for all sides, they instead began playing them on the WWE Network and are running two episodes a week until they can catch up to the most recently taped content, at which point they will simply run one 60-minute episode a week.

Independent female wrestling star Kennadi Brink has been an NXTreferee  for some time now. Has there been any plans for her doing both wrestling and refereeing?

Anything is possible, but we have not heard of any current plans for her beyond officiating.

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