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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-26 13:40:00

CZW will be announcing later today that MJF will be stripped of the CZW Championship as he will not be able to compete at the 12/9 Cage of Death event in Philadelphia.  The likely plan is to crown a new champion at that event, but creative has not been set in stone and that may change.  MJF suffered a fractured elbow over the weekend wrestling Sami Callihan, although no one is able to pinpoint exactly when it happened.  

The company is mulling over four different possibilities for a new Cage of Death bout at the show.  Those may or may not include FMW Death Match legend Atsushi Onita, who will be working the show.  The initial plan had been to announce Onita's match, which will be a tag team match, this evening.  

Onita will be signing at 4 PM on Sunday 12/9 at the 2300 Arena as part of a special afternoon event that will include live matches and that afternoon's Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys game playing on large screens inside the Arena.  Admission to the afternoon event will be a $5 donation or a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots.  The Onita signing, obviously, will be a separate price.

CZW has also confirmed that the event will stream live, but has not confirmed yet what outlet will be carrying the show.

Announced for the event: 

*FMW Death Match legend Atsushi Onita to make his in-ring debut at 2300 Arena.

*TABLES MATCH: CZW Tag Team Champions BLK OUT vs. The Rep.

*CZW Wired Champion Jordan Oliver vs. KC Navarro.

*Hardcore Match: The Office (Mister Claxton & Brandon Kirk& Kasey Catal & Kit Osbourne) vs. Jimmy Lloyd & Mitch Vallen & Dan O'Hare & Maria Manic 

*Joe Gacy vs. Alex Reynolds 

*John Silver vs. Shane Strickland 

*Mance Warner vs. David Starr 

*Leyla Hirsh open challenge.

*Ricky Shane Page to compete.

CZW will be conducting a Toys for Toys drive before the event.  Please bring new, unwrapped toys.

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