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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-27 10:00:00

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With Brock Lesnar currently a champion could you compare last nights Survivor Series Champ vs. Champ match as an old school NWA World Title Match? Brock would be the old school champ (AKA Harley Race or Dory Funk) against a regional champion Daniel Bryan (Tony Atlas or Tommy Rich).

You could certainly make that comparison, that the Universal Title is the real, important Title while the WWE Tile is secondary, as you mentioned with the old days.  But the problem here is that WWE owns both Titles and is getting $205M a year from Fox starting next year for the Smackdown brand, so it doesn’t make any sense to book it the way that they book it!

Putting aside the ridiculous superhuman booking, I assume Shane McMahon isn’t subject to the WWE Wellness Policy.  I don’t know why he has to be in so many matches but every time he has sweat pouring off of him and his face is bright red as he desperately gasps for breath.  Does no one in WWE, especially his own family members, see this?

No, Shane is not under the standard talent contract so he is not subject to the policy.  He is in matches because he is a name and he gets a pop.  I am sure that his family sees him sweating and puffing because all of us watching do.

With the women finally having the opportunity to be the same as the guys in treatment when do you think we'll finally have a female with a manager? I would love someone like Sonya Deville to be a "Paul Heyman" girl. What are your thoughts and who would you pair up?

I don’t see the need to be honest.  Of all of the top talent in the company, only Brock Lesnar has a manager, and that is because he wants Paul Heyman to be part of the act.  Beyond that, managers aren’t really a thing in WWE anymore so if I were a top female wrestler, I wouldn’t want to have one.

Is it time Brock Lesnar to stop doing German suplexes? After watching one of the Singh brothers land on his head and Daniel Bryan take a few that looked bad is it maybe time to outlaw them like the piledriver?

That is Vince McMahon’s call but I am with you, some of those suplexes look downright painful.  And watching Bryan taking that first one at Survivor Series, knowing his past issues, it did make me cringe a little bit.  I won’t lie.  With that said, I don’t see them changing Brock’s act.  Vince obviously likes it the way it is.

One time I asked you guys about finishers made famous by certain wrestlers and why some like the super kick are over used and ones like The Stone Cold Stunner aren't.  The answer in regards to the stunner was it's basically a respect thing.  Maybe if the right person came along Steve Austin could give his blessing to use it or something to that affect.  Becky Lynch anyone?

Becky is as close to a Steve Austin type of character as we have seen in a long, long time.  But with that said, I don’t think WWE needs to be that obvious and give her Austin’s finisher.  Plus, the Disarmer and Becksploder are already way over, so there is no need to change them in my mind!

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