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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-26 10:00:00

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I live Ireland, so I’m not too sure if this happens/happened in the US. The WWE network is available here for 12.99 but yet Sky Sports advertise PPV’s each month for 21.99. First question would you have any idea of how many PPV buys they would get since the network was born? Secondly as they already have exclusive rights to Raw, Smackdown PPV’s and regularly show the documentary section of WWE DVD’s, would it surprise you if WWE and Sky Sports came to an arrangement to have an exclusive WWE channel which shows Raw Smackdown, 205 Live, Nxt, PPV’s and a watered down version of the network (without the on demand system). They could charge a fee and receive extra revenue for ads. Sky already have several sports exclusive channels for, cricket, formula 1 and premier league football, which you pay extra for. Could you see WWE agreeing to similar deal in the future?

1) They used to break down the PPV revenue separately but in the last filing it was included with WWE Network revenue if memory serves.


2) It would surprise me if that happened and WWE didn’t get a substantial amount of money from Sky.  If the money is there, it wouldn’t surprise me!

So I am assuming FOX is doing cartwheels of joy after having seen how WWE drake mavericked on their one billion dollar investment?... Seriously: Are they outta their mind?  I usually give them a pass because I hope for a major twist coming out of it & yes, that is my last little glimpse of hope regarding the massacre Smackdown suffered at the Series, but man, am I not very optimistic anymore. When the only upside is Lesnar and Bryan at least having had a fun match to watch (the outcome was never in question, but it was still entertaining because Lesnar was booked to actually sell big time), the company has clearly missed getting in touch with their audience, again.

I said the same thing about FOX in my blog and on audio.  My guess is Vince will say, “That is a year down the road and we can get Smackdown hot whenever we want”.  But to me, it’s nuts to make it so clear that the show that everyone already knows is Daddy’s favorite is in all truth the favorite.  It’s downright nuts!

If a wrestler is not written into the storyline for a tv taping are they still required to be in the building just in case plans change and they need extra people to deal with whatever problem come up? 

Yes, in most cases all of the talents for a brand are at the shows, if healthy.

I suppose we will see where the Daniel Bryan heel turn goes from here, but why turn him heel, then immediately book him in a match vs. Lesnar where they almost certainly knew he would be the babyface?

Mike Eps and I talked about that very issue on our show on Saturday.  It was very shortsighted booking for sure.  Bryan was absolutely the face at Survivor Series.

You were very critical of Carmella's in-ring performances when she was women's champion.  Now that she's out of the title picture and paired with R-Truth, has she found her niche as a performer?  She plays off of Truth very well and is able to now bring out the more entertaining aspects of her character, rather than the focus being more on her in-ring abilities like it was when she was champ.

Mike Eps and I talked about that too!  I would have loved to have seen Carmella get the chance to show what she had in the ring when she was champ.  The match where she lost the belt was easily her best work of the run and I wish that they would have given her more chances to show that work.  She has a niche now, for sure.  And she deserves one.  I just wish she would have gotten more of a chance to show she could hang at the top of the card for the long run.  They never really gave her the chance to show how good she could work until the match where she lost the belt.  She showed me a lot there.

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