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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-23 10:29:00

Braun Strowman is slated for surgery in Birmingham, Alabama this Monday, has been told by several sources.

As noted a few days ago on, Strowman does have a legitimate elbow issue that led to the beatdown on this past Monday's Raw.  It is believed to be a minor issue and something WWE can work around leading into the WWE TLC PPV.  The hope is that Strowman's recovery time will be minimal and that the company can work around itu, but until they perform the surgery this coming week, they won't have 100% confirmation of that.

The storyline aspect of Strowman injury was worked into the show, described on commentary and the WWE website as a "shattered elbow."  That was was done to boost Baron Corbin's ability to work over Strowman when they face off as well as give him a big superhuman comeback early from a devastating injury.  

Strowman is slated to face Corbin in a TLC match at the 12/16 WWE TLC PPV in San Jose.  If Strowman wins, he earns a WWE Universal title bout at Champion Brock Lesnar at the 2019 Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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