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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-18 22:41:00

For those of you who are still wondering, the Enzo Amore incident was not something WWE planned or was involved in.  Amore was is town to perform a hip hop concert and got a ringside ticket to the show, sitting in disguise with a wig and a hoodie on. 

When Amore took the hoodie off and began trying to disturb the show by making a spectacle of himself, a WWE security guard yanked him down and he was then ejected like any other fan in the same situation would have been.    Security came running from everywhere when this went down in the Staples Center and WWE production did their best to shoot around it.  Amore did his best to slow the process of being removed but was forced out by a member of WWE's security team and walked backstage and right out an exit door.  We are told he had no interaction with anyone backstage and was there for about 10 seconds. 

As you might imagine, pretty much everyone we heard from within the company was down on the fact Amore pulled that and there were some pretty angry wrestlers.  Knowing company protocol, I would expect the company told the roster not to comment on the incident, so don't expect anyone to comment on social media.

As we noted earlier, a young woman was taken out via a stretcher, claiming she had injured her arm when she was knocked over in the fracas.  She was placed in a chair on the floor and was holding her arm in obvious pain before she was treated.  We are told she was checked out and given an icepack for her arm before eventually returning to her ringside seat for the remainder of the show.

Amore took to Twitter to comment on the incident:


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