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By Richard Trionfo on 2018-11-17 18:29:00

Welcome to's live coverage of WWE NXT Takeover War Games II from Los Angeles, California.  Make sure to check out all of the coverage on the site related to War Games including live blogs, audios, news, and the coverage of the WWE Network special.

Your host for the Kickoff Show is Charly Caruso.  She is joined by Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee.

We see Velveteen Dream arriving in the arena and he stops by a graphic of Kobe Bryant.   We also see NXT Men's Champion Tommaso Ciampa enter the arena.

We have a video package for the NXT Men's Championship Match.

Charly asks how does Ciampa stop Dream.   Sam says that people talk about what both of these men do on Takeover specials and they will be in the same match.  People want Dream to win.  Pat says that Ciampa will stop at nothing.  He says that it is fate for Dream to win the title in Hollywood.

Nita Strauss joins the panel and she is asked about her new album.  She mentions that it debuted at number seven.  She talks about how excited she is to have her music involved in wrestling.  Nita is asked about the NXT Women's Championship Match.  She says that she would love to see them wrestle all the time and this match will be different than any other match they have had.

Nita says she likes the story between them and the tension that they have shown in their matches.  

It is time to take a look at the match between Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black.  We have a video package.

Matt Riddle joins the panel to discuss the Gargano/Black match.  

Kassius Ohno interrupts the Bro Session and he says that he did not know that one word could make someone sick.  Ohno says he sees through Riddle.  Everyone is so charmed with and fawn over Riddle, but it is a mirage.  It will take one second to expose Ohno.

Riddle says he thought Ohno was cool, but he knows that he is bitter.  Matt leaves.

Sarah Schrieber is in the crowd and she talks about the feeling of being in this building.  

We take a look at the War Games Match and we have a video package.

They explain the rules for the match where the match starts with five minutes of one on one action.  Then, there will be three minute intervals.  If you leave the cage, you will forfeit the match.  Victory will occur through pinfall or submission.

Charly mentions the advantage that Undisputed Era has.  

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