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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-21 10:00:00

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So with 5 days notice, WWE is giving us Lesnar v Bryan & Charlotte v Rousey, both considered dream matches and 2 of the few “first time matches” left? Surely would have been worth saving both of these for Wrestlemania?

I don’t see any world where Bryan and Brock are headlining Mania.  And I think that Becky is now in the position that Charlotte could have been with Ronda, so I am fine with that move as well.

When comparing the WWE Network bringing in more income than the ppv were before the network? 

I am guessing you mean profit here.  It’s kind of an apples and oranges comparison since there are a lot more costs associated with the Network than their were with PPV.  But I do know that WWE is very happy with the Network and its success.  They feel they made the right decision and I agree with that.

With the all the departures and splits from The Bullet Club .. are they as dominant on TV and financially as before? 

Good question and we may find out the answer when their ROH contracts expire.  I can’t honestly say right now.  It is to be determined.

Will there be any backstage heat on Nia for the stiff shot to Becky? I'm sure it was accidental, but this is a huge match at one the big ppv events of the year.

It’s a physical business and accidents happen.  The timing was really bad as well.  With that said, Nia is a strong woman and given the craziness of the scene, it was just an errant shot from someone that can do damage with an errant shot.  I would think that the producers would go over what happened with her and she will learn from it.

After just seeing Drew McIntyre’s, promo on RAW, it seems to me that this is the next step in his push to the top of Raw.  Where do you see this going?  Part of his promo made me think of his old gimmick as “The Chosen One”.

It’s really clear to me that WWE has something big in Drew and I think he should be in line for a huge push.  His work has been great and he has been protected thus far, which is a rarity in WWE’s booking.  I think he is in store for a big 2019.  With that said, he doesn’t need to be saddled with The Chosen One gimmick at this point.  He has gotten over on his own.

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