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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-18 10:00:00

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Cody is leaving Ring Of Honor.  What is next for him?

Only he knows for sure.  But given that his last match for the company is against Jay Lethal next month, I wouldn't be shocked to see him win the Title.  It would create a lot of intrigue and be a way to get him back to defend at the Madison Square Garden show.  In other words, I would not be shocked to see that there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye!  My only hope is that he doesn’t go back to WWE.  I think that would be a big mistake.  He and The Elite have created a brand.  They really should see how far they can go with it.  And, that doesn’t mean never working for ROH again.  

Do you think AJ will win Royal Rumble and face Brock at Wrestlemania? I mean after listening to the promos of Heyman and AJ I got a feeling rematch will happen at Mania.

No, I don’t.  They were just selling the match that they were supposed to have at The Survivor Series.  Also, I really hope that Brock is not the champion by the time WrestleMania comes around.

How do you get Becky Lynch to fight Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania without having her switch brands and losing the Smackdown Title?

Here is how you do it.  Over the next few months, Becky keeps firing at Ronda, and vice versa.  Since they are both champions, they can't fight at WrestleMania.  But, Becky wants Ronda so badly that she enters the Royal Rumble and wins it, setting up a match that could actually headline the show.  I would love to see that play out.

This may seem a bit of an odd question.  If former WWE wrestler Luther Reigns became a bigger star than he turned out to be, would they have chosen a different name for Roman Reigns out of deference to Luther?

Definitely.  There is no way that they would have cloned the name had Luther become a top guy using that name.

The Okada/Omega series of matches broke Meltzer's star rating system, with them all receiving over 6 stars in a 5-star rating system, with one match receiving 7 stars.  He's essentially telling us that their series of matches are the greatest matches he has ever seen in his long career.  I know each person's enjoyment and rating of a match is subjective, so do you personally think these matches were as good as they are hyped up to be?

First off, match ratings are subjective.  Everyone has a different scale, so to me I would rather use adjectives than stars.  As for the scale, I get what Dave was doing.  He was saying the matches were so good that they set the bar higher.  They were great matches, no doubt.  But once you make the best possible grade seven stars, that is the new scale.

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