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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-17 10:00:00

Was there ever any talk of a WWE theme park ride?

I am sure that if we dig deep, there were probably pitches for ride concepts at Universal Studios over the years, but I have never heard of anything that came close to conception.   In 2000, however, there was an Undertaker themed haunted house at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

I heard rumors that there was  WWE animated series planned for Rey Mysterio?  If so, what happened?

There was.  There were plans for a concept titled Hanging' in the 619 that would have cast Rey and other WWE characters as school children.  It never got past the pitch phase and I don't believe any animation was ever created, but the idea was a real one.

I saw all the David Arquette news yesterday.  What is wrong with him that he would do the death match stuff?

He's in the middle of making a documentary about his return to the ring and did the match as part of that project.  I think he's probably wondering the same thing as you this morning.

The WWE Network broadcast of the AWA Team Challenge.  Why did this exist?  What was the point?

It was a pilot created to try and sell the concept to potential networks and partners.  WWE noted in their description that it was an unreleased VHS but given that it had commercial breaks included, it really was more of a pilot presentation.

Is that the same Jerry Lynn in this thing?

Yes, that's the former ECW World Champion, very early on in his career.

Why did Verne Gage think opening up the show sitting with his dog was going to scream cool wrestling show?

The AWA was Verne's baby.  He was going to do things his way, just like Vince McMahon does now.

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