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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-16 10:00:00

If you say national TV and/or a WWE relationship disqualifies someone from being an independent promotion, what are the top indy companies in the world in your opinion?

In no particular order, I'd say Over the Top Wrestling in Ireland, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in California, Absolute Intense Wrestling in Ohio, AAW in Chicago and House of Glory in NYC are the groups that I find myself paying the most attention to and wishing I could spend more time watching and writing about, because they all have really good, fun events every time they run a major show.  To me, that's where the list starts, but let's be honest - there are SCORES of great promotions out there now and I think debating which is the best is sort of like arguing what version of the Justice League of America was the best - it all depends on when and where you started watching and what is closest to your tastes.

How can the Extreme Wrestling Legends PPV series use 3PW footage?

Steve Karel purchased the rights to the company and the video library, so it's his to use as he sees fit.

Do you ever see WWE going back to the old Survivor Series format?  The first show had four elimination matches and that was it and it's a great, fun show.

I don't see them doing it, but I feel like in the day and age of the WWE Network, they would be more likely to get away with going deeper into the concept without a major financial loss.  The company obviously feels that overlaying the old Bragging Rights PPV concept onto the Survivor Series is a better idea to get more fan interest.

With WWE buying the Puerto Rico tapes, what are the libraries you'd wish they'd get so you could watch them again?

In a perfect world, the Amarillo territory, but Terry Funk once told me in an interview that after he sold the territory to Dick Murdoch, he tried to retrieve the tapes and they had been disposed of, so they are probably 30 or 40 years into rotting in a landfiil somewhere.  I'd love to see the Continental or Memphis libraries utliized, just because those were some of my favorite territories of all time. I really look forward to when they start adding more AWA and Smoky Mountain as well.

Any word on another Cruiserweight Classic?

No, and there shouldn't be one until they get 205 Live to where they want it.  There is great Cruiser action every week on the WWE Network.  To me, there's no need for another Cruiser Classic at the moment.

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