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By Mike Johnson on 2018-11-13 17:18:00

If you were excited for Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey this Sunday at the Survivor Series PPV, the match will not be taking place.

During last night's Raw closing fracas, Lynch suffered a broken nose and a concussion when she was struck with a hard right hand by Nia Jax that knocked Lynch to the mat.  The strike was not broadcast on television last night.   Lynch was evaluated by WWE doctors today and is not expected to be cleared by Sunday.  The news was first reported by has independently confirmed their report and is told that WWE is mulling over several possibilities for tonight's Smackdown taping, including a scenario where Lynch would quickly drop the title to someone else, who would then go on to face Rousey at the Survivor Series this Sunday.  The timing of the injury is obviously terrible for not just the PPV but Lynch's current push.

The most natural choice would be Charlotte Flair, but that would mean the company is rushing through a potential Wrestlemania match.  There have been pitches over the course of the afternoon for other potential names to face Rousey, but we have not heard there was a definitive choice made as of a half hour ago.  Mandy Rose and one of the IIconics have also been tossed around as potential ideas for Rousey at the PPV.

WWE has not officially announced the injury and did not respond, as of this writing, to a request for comment.


With the unfortunate news that Becky Lynch will not be cleared for Survivor Series this Sunday coming to light, WWE has a hard decision in front of them to determine their course of action when it comes to Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey's new opponent at the PPV.  So, when WWE runs Staples Center in Los Angeles this weekend, who should Rousey take on?  Charlotte?  Asuka?  Someone from NXT?  Should they just cancel the match?

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