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By Adam Rivera on 2018-11-12 01:32:00


Sam's Town Las Vegas

Xplosion taping:  Pillars of Destiny beat The One Percent

LAX with Konnan beat Fallah Bahh & KM

Tessa Blanchard beat Ray Lyn

After the match Tessa called out Taya Valkyrie. Taya told Tessa they have a title match for Homecoming.

Johnny Impact beat Matt Sydal with Ethan Page. Killer Kross came out after the match and offered his assistance to Impact. Impact told him he didn't trust him and left him in the ring.

Eli Drake came to the ring to insult hardcore wrestling which brought Tommy Dreamer out to defend those wrestlers and fans. Going to fight until Drake left the ring.

Su Yung beat Heather Monroe. Yung would release the submission hold until Kiera Hogan made the save. This brought out Allie and her and Yung laid out Hogan.

Lucha Bros. beat Rich Swann & Willie Mack in the match of the night. LAX came out to congratulate the Lucha Bros. and that they want them to challenge at Homecoming.

Jordynne Grace beat Katarina

The Rascalz beat Chris Bey & Mike Sydal

Desi Hit Squad beat Damian Drake & Manny Lemons

Main Event X-Division Title Match

Champion Brian Cage beat Sami Callihan with OVE. After the match Cage said he was going to cash in the title at Homecoming.

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