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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-14 10:00:00

Note: This Q and A was written on Sunday, before the changes made on Smackdown last night.

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How much say did the Saudi government have over the booking of Crown Jewel? For instance, did they push for Shane and Brock to win, and for DX vs. Undertaker and Kane to go long because they're more familiar with those stars? If that's the case, can someone who them NXT so we can get Takeover:Riyadh?

The actual booking, no.  They don’t have control over who wins matches but they definitely do ask for the legends.  That is why we see them there.  And no, I don’t want a Takeover there.  I want the NXT women to be able to work on the show.

Would Brock have won at Crown Jewel or re-signed with WWE if Roman hadn't had to vacate the title? 

Only Vince McMahon knows that for sure but the word I have gotten is that had Roman not gotten sick, he would have retained the Universal Title.

With all of the issues coming from WWE storyline wise due to Roman's health issues.  I have an idea and wonder what you would think.  During Survivor Series, AJ Styles faces Brock again,  They can have a long match and why not have Styles win and it not be a fluke? They then could position them for a potential rubber match at Wrestlemania. Which would be a worthy main event. Thoughts?

Roman Reigns, who was the chosen guy on Vince’s preferred brand, barely got anything in on Brock.  I don’t see any scenario where AJ, who is smaller and from the other brand, will get what no one else on Raw, except maybe John Cena to a degree, got on Brock.  Would I love the scenario?  Yes, but I don’t see it happening.

Thoroughly enjoying your honest assessments of the whole "Crown Jewel" matter. Last week, someone (TMZ?) caught up with Linda McMahon and asked her about Crown Jewel in light of events involving "the place which shall not be mentioned". She deflected by stating that it was Vince's company, and he runs it. That's true, but she's presumably still a shareholder? Could she find herself coming under pressure to divest herself of that holding, given that she is a cabinet member?

In a word, no.  She is a shareholder but has no active role in the company.  And not for nothing, the President himself has not divested himself of ventures either.  

What's up with Dalton Castle? Last that I heard, he had a back injury. Is his ROH contract up, maybe moving on up to the NXT?

He has been out rehabbing a back injury.  He returned to action over the weekend.

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