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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-13 10:00:00

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The Wrestlemania on sale party has a raffle to be a timekeeper, but I have to ask: Does WWE utilize timekeepers at ringside? I thought all the instructions come from Gorilla Position? If it is a legitimate position, I don’t see WWE training the contest winner to time and communicate with refs and announcers.  I think it’s just a chance to watch the show at ringside.

You are correct.  It’s a ceremonial thing but a damn cool one for a wrestling fan to win.

I find it hard to believe that WWE came up with the "best in the world" tagline for the Crown Jewel tournament without at least thinking about CM Punk.  Especially since they kept saying it quite often even after the CM Punk chants started.  Was the tagline, and the directive to say it so much on TV, done as some way to troll CM Punk?

Shoot, let’s be current and talk about Ring Of Honor, who use the tag now.  With that said, no, I don’t think they did it to troll Punk.  I don’t think they are that petty.

In considering the upcoming classic Survivor Series match between the two brands (five on five), I've found myself asking why does it matter who wins? The announcers push that it's about "brand supremacy," but that doesn't mean that much to me. What are your thoughts about making it mean more? For instance, maybe the winner gets the first two picks in an upcoming draft? Or an extra pick? Or the winning brand has five wrestlers featured in the next Collection series on the Network? Or the remaining members are the last entrants into the Royal Rumble? Anything to make it MEAN something. Is there something else you identify that would make this match more significant?

I am with you.  Brand superiority doesn’t mean a thing to me.  I think it’s just a throwaway tag by WWE to try and give the match some meaning.  I would love to see something tangible on the line as well,

I love Renee on commentary, except when it comes to Dean Ambrose.  When Dean first attacked Rollins her response was that of a commentator not a wife (When being his wife has been in the story lines) .  Then next week Graves and Cole were bashing Dean and calling him a scumbag lowlife, and......Nothing from Rene.   When they finally asked her about Dean her only response was a blow off comment  "I cannot get through to him."   This has lead to some awkwardness.  Should the WWE been more aware that the "Heel" is married to their "face" commentator?  Do they need to have Dean and Rene on different brands?

WWE?  No, because their position is that they market to kids, they don’t have to explain everything and the reality is what they say it is.  If it’s me, yes I have Renee explain her position more.  But, WWE doesn’t care what my booking ideas are.  

In your 11/6 Q&A you mentioned that Ronda Rousey would need a Braun Strowman to her Brock Lesnar before fans start to turn on her. Considering the reactions on Raw and the overall response to her failed heel turn, is it possible that Becky Lynch is her Braun Strowman?

I fully expect Becky to get a LOT of positive response at Survivor Series.  The fans love her and they will be there to represent for her.  I am really curious to see how WWE books that match.  It could be a big feud for them if they decide to go that way.

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