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By Dave Scherer on 2018-11-11 10:00:00

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Do you think WWE is missing the boat with the way they use the asset that is Brock Lesnar?  From what I understand, he's basically the kinda guy who does what he's booked for as long the paychecks are coming on time, so why not use his ability to actually have long, fun matches with those that can go.

Well, he does what his contract requires him to do, I will say that.  On the flip side, that is all he does.  He goes on first when he appears at Raw and doesn't even stay for the whole show.  What do you think that tells the rest of the locker room?

I would love to see them use his ability that way. But I don't know that he has all that many great, long matches in him at this point.  

If it's me, I would never book him to dominate my full time talent.  If the plan was eventually to have him give a younger talent a rub, then I could get it.  But look at how Lesnar lost to Roman Reigns.  It was more fluke than anything.  So basically, once again, it showed Brock is way above everyone else.  It would at least be better if guys really had to go to war with him, but most times all it takes is one F5 and it's over.

That's why I am personally actually happy they didn't let Strowman get the belt at Crown Jewel; Styles and Brock already showed that they have great chemistry.

It depends on what you are looking for.  If you enjoy watching the part time, 41 year old guy from Raw beat the long term champ from Smackdown, again, that great.  I don't want to see it and I also think it hurts the talent that is working full time.  It says to, "Styles may be the best that Smackdown has had for a year, but he can't be Brock!"

It says that same thing about Strowman.  He can run roughshod over everyone but all it takes is one really weak belt shot from Baron Corbin and Braun becomes useless.....again to the part time guy.

Everybody who has seen his first run with the company or even some matches of his second can tell that Lesnar is not only a hell of an athlete but also an extremely good worker in the ring & whenever he was in said ring with guys being presented as equal, he was able to still show that (the Styles- and Joe-Matches come to mind in which Lesnar sold his opponents offense very well), so why not simply let them lose and give the viewers some entertaining matches while making bigger stars with it, because whether we like it or not, there's no bigger name in the company right now than him (except Rousey of course).

See, this is where a lot of fans don't understand the business.  You use stars to make stars.  That doesn't mean they all have to win, but they need to come out of matches with the star looking better than when they went in.  It happens in NXT all the time.  It doesn't on the main roster.  None of the people you have mentioned have come out of their feuds with Brock stronger.  He has give nothing back to the future of the business.  He just beats everyone and makes a ton of money in the process and when he is gone, you are left with a bunch of guys who couldn't beat him that we now are supposed to think are top tier talents if Vince pushes them as the champ. 

So that is great for people like you that like it, but what happens when he leaves?  You are left with a cupboard bereft of stars.  That doesn't help the business in the future, and in fact it hurts it since they have marred the current talent in the process.  I believe it's the main reason that their ratings are down. 

I know, the simple answer would be "because Vince McMahon" doesn't want it that way" but based on personal opinion, would you agree with my points?

I don't agree that Brock should have been pushed as better than everyone.  It wasn't a great move when they did it would John Cena, but at least he was committed and showed up to work every day.  To do it with Brock, who works 30 days or so a year?  It's crazy to me.

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