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By Stuart Carapola on 2018-11-08 22:25:00

Welcome to's live coverage of the ROH Global Wars Tour!

All of this week's ROH Global Wars tour events are available with a ROH Honorclub subscription at this link.

Our hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana, who run down the card before throwing us to the ring for our opening match...

Matt Taven vs BUSHI

Taven gets a hero's welcome from the Massachusetts fans, and he kicks us off by addressing the fans.  He says the last time he was here, that cowardly peacock, Dalton Castle, refused to defend the ROH World Title against him.  He said he'd kill the conspiracy once and for all by the time he returned here, and now all is right because the conspiracy is dead, the Red Sox are the World Series champions, and he is the "ROH World Champion" because HEEEEEEEEEE is Matt Taven.

They get off to a fast paced start, with Taven getting an early advantage and ramming BUSHI into the barricade, then telling the referee as he counts that he's got time because he's in front of his people.  BUSHI reverses a second whip and sends Taven into the barricade, then Taven rolls inside and taunts BUSHI, hauling him up to the apron by the head, but then BUSHI gets a sort of hanging DDT onto the apron.  Ouch.  BUSHI chokes Taven with his shirt, but Taven drills him with a knee and then just rapid fires a few dozen punches into BUSHI's skull.  Taven with a DDT for 2.  Taven with an enziguiri, but BUSHI catches Taven with a leaping enziguiri,followed by a missile dropkick and a Spinarooni.  BUSHI with a swinging fisherman's buster for 2.  BUSHI catches Taven with a reverse thrust kick, tries to spew mist into Taven's face, but Taven ducks, hits a springboard enziguiri, and finishes it with the Climax.

Winner: Matt Taven

Taven so looks at the top of his game right now.  Great match.  Taven shakes BUSHI's hand, and BUSHI responds by smacking Taven in the ding ding and walking off.

Rhett Titus comes out to flex for the crowd, Ravishing Rick Rude style.  This dude really is in spectacular shape, not the least bit diminished by Colt and Ian dropping WBF and Gary Strydom references.

Juice Robinson & Dalton Castle vs The Bouncers

Robinson and the Beer City Bruiser start us off, with Bruiser trying to catch Robinson with a couple of wild swings, and Juice using his agility to try and maneuver around him.  Bruiser shoves Juice to the ropes, and Juice drops him with a hard clothesline and covers for 2.  Bruiser smashes Juice down, then grabs at one of the Boys while Dalton tags in behind his back and rolls him up for 2.  One of the Boys has Bruiser's beer, and Bruiser chases him around ringside and back into the ring, and he get tossed to the floor, but not before tagging in Brian Milonas, who promptly finds himself on the receiving end of ping pong punches from Juice and Dalton.  Unfortunately, Juice's last shot makes Milonas fall on top of Dalton, who is helpless to get out from under hmi.  Milonas is out and not moving, and Juice and the Boys together can't get him off of Dalton, who is flailing underneath Milonas while his crew tries to roll Milonas off.  Finally they enlist the help of referee Todd Sinclair, but still no dice.  Bruiser comes in, takes a big chug of liquid courage, and adds his muscle to finally help them roll Milonas off of Dalton.  Dalton says he's had it and tags out, but repeated clotheslines fail to drop Milonas a second time, and Milonas shoves Juice off into the corner and crushes him with a corner avalanche.  Milonas with a running crossbody to Juice, then walks across his chest.  Juice is in trouble and takes a slew of hard-hitting offense, including a straps-down twisting senton.  Juice ducks a second crossbody attempt and makes the hot tag, and Dalton is in and cleaning house.  Dalton floors Bruiser with a big clothesline and goes for the Bangarang, which seems like a poorly advised move with or without a bad back.  Bruiser blocks it, and Dalton dumps him to the floor and takes both Bruiser and Milonas out with diving crossbody blocks.  Back into the ring where Dalton and Juice hit a series of double teams and a double vertical suplex to the Bruiser.  They go for a double suplex on Milonas as well...AND HIT IT!  Milonas lands on top of Bruiser and Juice covers for 2.  Dalton goes for a slingshot dive to the floor, but Milonas catches him and dumps him on the apron as Bruiser hits a modified powerslam for 2.  Bouncers go for the old AMW finish, but Juice counters Bruiser to a small package for 2.  Dalton ties Milonas up in the ropes as Juice hits Pulp Friction on Bruiser for the win.

Winners: Dalton Castle & Juice Robinson

This was a lot of fun, and I have to say that Dalton and Juice have terrific chemistry as a team.  The Bouncers open a couple of extra beers and hold them out to toast the winners.  Dalton and Juice talk it over, then have the Boys bring the beers to them so they can toast.

The announcers tell Rhett Titus that someone thinks they found Little Willie backstage, and Rhett goes to check that out.

ROH Tag Team Champion Kazarian vs. Flip Gordon

Fast paced feeling out process to start us off, and the crowd is solidly behind Flip.  They trade pinfall combinations to no avail.  Gordon drills Kazarian with a sweet dropkick, followed by a springboard variation.  Kazarian is staggered, but has the wherewithal to avoid Gordon's onslaught and hit a Jerry Lynn twisting legdrop through the ropes.  Gordon reverses a whip and charges, but Kazarian rolls over him with a sunset flip and then transitions right into a modified straitjacket submission move.  Gordon fights his way out and rolls to the apron to break the momentum, but Kazarian dropkicks him to the floor and then slingshots over the top rope with a Frankensteiner on the floor.  Back into the ring, Kazarian hits a slingshot DDT for 2.  Gordon with a Pelle kick out of nowhere, followed by a springboard spear, and both men are down.  They trade blows, but Gordon hits a backward heel kick to Kazarian's face, then rolls Kazarian up for 2.  Gordon with some fancy footwork and slingshots into the ring...right into an Ace Crusher from Kazarian for 2.  Gordon goes to the top, but Kazarian runs up the corner for a superplex, gets shoved off, does it again, and Gordon cartwheels over him, superkicks him onto the second turnbuckle, and hits a running dropkick to the back.  Another springboard move, another counter by Kazarian, this time into a codebreaker for 2.  Kazarian goes to the second rope, and Gordon knocks him off with a walk up enziguiri.  Gordon comes off the top with a 450, but again Kazarian saw it coming and gets the knees up.  Kazarian rolls Gordon up for 2, Flip reverses for 2, Kazarian with a sunset flip for 2, Gordon reverses for 2, Kazarian reverses for his own 2, and Gordon reverses yet again, and this time gets the three count.

Winner: Flip Gordon

Terrific match, I really liked how Kazarian was presented as the veteran who saw all of Gordon's fancy moves coming and had answers for them all before being straight up outwrestled at the end.

The show continues on Page 2!

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